We will be undertaking a long term maintenance project to upgrade areas of plant rooms across the Estate.
Much of the mechanical equipment in these plant rooms has reached its end of life and requires these works in order to maintain the future services of the building. These upgrades will provide increased efficiency and modernisation to the heating system, leading to reduced life cycle costs.

The buildings affected by the works are;

    • Bryan Nicholson
    • Arundel Gate Court
    • Stoddart
    • Harmer
    • Eric Mensforth
    • Sheaf
    • Collegiate Hall
    • Pearson

The work will be undertaken during spring and summer when the heating is turned off.  It will start in May and we expect it to be completed in September 2019.

This project has been carefully planned and considered to provide the least disruption to the buildings where possible. Although the refurbishment is predominantly consigned to the plant room areas of these buildings, staff and students may experience some disruption to services during this period.

If any issues arise, or you would like to discuss the project in more detail please contact Nathan Bakewell, the estates project manager by e-mail n.bakewell@shu.ac.uk or phone 0114 225 6773.