The Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit (DEFT) – HEA resource

Produced by Dr Naomi E. Winstoneand Dr Robert A. Nash for the Higher Education Academy, The Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit (DEFT) considers the role and responsibility of the student in the feedback process. It includes a range of useful resources to support academics and their students. For example, a feedback workshop design for use with your students:

“The Feedback workshop is broadly structured around Sutton’s (2012) conceptualisation of feedback literacy, which is defined as “the ability to read, interpret and use written feedback (Sutton, 21012, p. 31). Sutton argues that being literate in the use of feedback involves an ontological dimension (‘being’), an epistemological dimension (‘knowing’) and a practical dimension (‘acting’). The activities within the workshop enable students to develop and practice strategies and skills for putting feedback into practice, as well as supporting the development of their feedback literacy in these three areas.”

The HEA’s toolkit can be found at:

(It may require you to login using your HEA details which you can set up easily if you have not done this before)


Paul Sutton (2012). Conceptualizing feedback literacy: knowing, being, and acting, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 49:1, 31-40, DOI:10.1080/14703297.2012.647781
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