The Feedback for Learning toolkit explains what good feedback is, how to design it as part of your assessment strategy and how to implement it so that it is effective for your students’ learning context.

The toolkit is part of Teaching & Assessment Essentials and brings together a collection of briefing and guidance documents, good practice case studies and links to other useful materials from Sheffield Hallam University and beyond. We continue to develop the Feedback for Learning toolkit around enhancing and sharing practice in our academic community. We have a small Editorial Group and seek to hear from and work with colleagues who are interested in being involved in this.

Our Community pages will be used to develop our understanding of feedback and how it is used to promote learning by drawing upon good academic practice. We want to hear from people interested in being involved in innovation activities, especially where you are interested in networking around your practice or experience.

Contact us through : ! Teaching Essentials if you,

  • Would you like us to organise a Feedback for Learning event for you and your colleagues;
  • Have questions about feedback design;
  • Can contribute a case study or account of practice;
  • Would like to work as part of a university community to develop your professional profile.

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