The Conference

Fear 2000 is a conference series hosted by the Centre for Culture, Media and Society and the Department of Media Arts and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University, convened by Craig Ian Mann, Chris Cooke and Oliver Hicks and dedicated to the study of horror media in the twenty-first century.

Fear 2000 was previously hosted by the Department of Humanities and co-organised by Craig Ian Mann, Rose Butler and Shelley O’Brien.

The Conveners

Craig Ian Mann is lecturer in film and media studies at Sheffield Hallam University with a research interest in popular genres. He is the author of Phases of the Moon: A Cultural History of the Werewolf Film (2020) and has contributed to the Journal of Popular Film and Television, Horror Studies and Science Fiction Film and Television as well as a number of edited collections.

Chris Cooke is senior lecturer in film and television production at Sheffield Hallam University and the director of One for the Road (2003) in addition to a number of short films. He co-curates Mayhem Film Festival with Steven Sheil and Melissa Gueneau, which screens the best in horror, science fiction and cult film at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

Oliver HicksĀ is a doctoral candidate at Sheffield Hallam University, aligned to the Centre of Culture, Media and Society and the Department of Media Arts and Communication. He is researching the cultural history of French horror cinema. He previously completed an MRes at SHU focused on Grand Guignol and New French Extremity.