All times are in British Summer Time (UTC/GMT+1).

Pre-recorded Events

Day 1: Transmedia – Friday 10 September, 2021

09:00-09:10: Opening Remarks with Craig Ian Mann & Chris Cooke (Stream A)

Parallel Session 1

09:10-10:30: Panel 1a – Silver Screams: Cinema I (Stream A)

Chair: Rhys Jones

  • La Rage du Démon: Rewriting France’s History of Horror
    (Reece Goodall, University of Warwick)
  • Mourning in Horror: Grief in Twenty-first Century Horror Cinema
    (Tugce Kutlu, University College London)

09:10-10:30: Panel 1b – Permadeath: Video Games (Stream B)

Chair: Joe Ondrak

  • Religion as Horror in Videogames
    (Emily Theodore Marlow, University of Sheffield)
  • “Like Something Straight Out of a Gothic Horror Movie”: The Gothic as Represented in Resident Evil Village
    (Rae Bamber, University of Roehampton)
  • Mouldy Matriachs and Dangerous Daughters: An Ecofeminist Look at Resident Evil Antagonists
    (MK Pinder, Deakin University)

10:30-11:00: Break

Parallel Session 2

11:00-12:20: Panel 2a – What’s in the Box?: Television (Stream A)

Chair: Stella Gaynor

  • Wellington Paranomal, Hyperlocal Horror and Transnational Flows
    (Erin Harrington, University of Canterbury)
  • Re/structuring Borderland Supernatural Horror in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
    (Anna Marta Marini, Instituto Franklin – UAH)
  • Predators Far and Near: The Sadean Gothic in Penny Dreadful and Contemporary Horror
    (Lindsay Hallam, University of East London)

11:00-12:20: Panel 2b – Ghosts in the Machine: Digital Media (Stream B)

Chair: Stephen Morgan

  • Screen Life: The Digital Screen as a Setting in Contemporary American Horror Cinema
    (Anıl Karasaç, Bilkent University)
  • Where Do We Go from Slender Man?: The Decline of Crowd-Sourced Transmedia Horror Memes
    (Tosha R. Taylor, Manhattanville College)
  • Deeper We Go, the More Unrealistic it All Becomes: QAnon’s ‘Horroring’ of Reality
    (Joe Ondrak, Sheffield Hallam University)

12:20-13:20: Lunch

Parallel Session 3

13:20-14:20: Panel 3a – Speak No Evil: Podcasts (Stream A)

Chair: Iain Robert Smith

  • “There’s Bones in the Chocolate!”: When Horror Fact Meets Horror Entertainment in Podcasting
    (Stella Gaynor, University of Salford)
  • Narratology and Framing Devices in Recent Found Footage Audio Podcasts
    (Steve Marsden, Steven F. Austin State University)

13:20-14:20: Panel 3b – Haunted Toys: Animation & Children’s Horror (Stream B)

Chair: Cat Lester

  • “It’s Alive!”: Stop-motion Animation and the Materiality of Horror
    (Stacey Abbott, University of Roehampton)
  • Monsters on the Mouse-tube: The Gothic Horror Cinematic Tradition and the Disney Channel Original Movie
    (Jay Bamber, University of Roehampton)

14:20-14:50: Break

Parallel Session 4

14:50-16:10: Panel 4a – Earworms: Sound & Music (Stream A)

Chair: Diane A. Rodgers

  • Weird Vocality: Voices and the Uncanny in Twenty-first Century Horror
    (Janet K. Halfyard, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)
  • “Peek-a-boo!”: Horror Aesthetics and the Metatextuality of K-Pop
    (Alicja Sulkowska, Bauhaus-University Weimar)
  • “Nothing is Safe”: Clipping’s Twenty-first Century Revision of John Carpenter
    (Christy Tidwell, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)

14:50-16:10: Panel 4b – Silver Screams: Cinema II (Stream B)

Chair: Liam G. Ball

  • Exorcising the Monster Within: A Study of Social Horror in Indian Cinema
    (Gargi Bendre, D. G. Ruparel College)
  • Chador-Clad Vampires and Other Nightmares: New Iranian Horror Cinema
    (Farshid Kazemi, Simon Fraser University)
  • Indigeneity and Horror in Recent Canadian Cinema
    (Murray Leeder, University of Manitoba)

16:10-16:40: Break

16:40-17:40: Keynote 1 (Stream A)

Chair: Murray Leeder

Day 2: Transmedia Approaches – Saturday 11 September, 2021

Parallel Session 5

10:00-11:40: Panel 5a – Paper Cuts: Adaptation (Stream A)

Chair: Mary Going

  • “When God Builds a Church, the Devil Builds a Chapel Next Door”: Transnational Terror and The Unholy Adaptation
    (Simon Brown, Kingston University)
  • Fear of the Bard: How to Make Horror Out of Shakespeare
    (Stephen Curtis, University of Central Lancashire)
  • Transmedia Adaptation in the Age of Abundance: HBO’s The Outsider
    (Gozde Erdogan, Independent Scholar)
  • Putting Lovecraft’s Racism Front and Centre in Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country
    (Rhys Jones, University of Liverpool)

10:00-11:40: Panel 5b – From the Grave: Histories (Stream B)

Chair: Chris Cooke

  • “Ages 5 and Up”: Contemporary Genre Histories, Transmedia Franchises and Kenner’s 1970s Alien Toys
    (Filipa Antunes, University of East Anglia and Alec Plowman, Independent Scholar)
  • Historicising Horror: Repurposing the Hammer Script Archive
    (Kieran Foster, De Montfort University)
  • “Dad Was Happy for Us to Watch Horror But Would Fast Forward Any Sex Scenes”: Memories of Underage Horror Film Viewing in 1980s Britain
    (Peter Turner, Oxford Brookes University)
  • Masters of Terror, Appointments with Fear and Dates with the Devil: The Programming of Horror Films on British Television
    (Sheldon Hall, Sheffield Hallam University)

11:40-12:10: Break

Parallel Session 6

12:10-13:30: Panel 6a – Afterlives: Remaking (Stream A)

Chair: Laura Mee

  • Mapping Rabbits: A Sitcom Becoming Horror
    (Donald Prentice Jr, University of Canterbury)
  • “The Exactly Right Time and Place”: Australian Horror Properties in Transmedia Contexts
    (Liam G. Ball, University of Sheffield)
  • Inhabitations of the Past: A Hauntological Exploration of Cycles of Horror Remaking in Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria
    (Eddie Falvey, Plymouth College of Art)

12:10-13:30: Panel 6b – Dead Famous: Celebrity (Stream B)

Chair: Thomas Joseph Watson

  • The Otherwise: Horror, Mark E. Smith and The Fall in the Twenty-first Century
    (Matt Melia, Kingston University)
  • Pop Royalty to Scream Queen: Rihanna’s Marion Crane and Transmedial Subversion in Bates Motel
    (James Rendell, University of South Wales)

13:30-14:30: Lunch

Parallel Session 7

14:30-16:10: Panel 7a – Serial Offenders: Franchising (Stream A)

Chair: Craig Ian Mann

  • We Have Such Sights to Show You: Exploring Transmedia Worldbuilding in the Hellraiser Film and Comic Franchises
    (Mark Richard Adams, Independent Scholar)
  • The Monster with Two Origins: Transmedia Contradictions and Cloverfield
    (Ben Chinnery, University of Hull)
  • Doing the Monster Mash: Universal’s “Classic Monsters”, Transmedia Franchising, and the Industrialization of the Cinematic Monster Mash-Up
    (Megen de Bruin-Molé, University of Southampton)
  • Slasher Storyworlds and Transmedial Narratives: Can the Environments of the Slasher Sub-genre Support Transmedial Storytelling?
    (John Kavanagh, Ulster University)

14:30-16:10: Panel 7b – Scream Queens: Women in Horror (Stream B)

Chair: Kate Egan

  • The Conundrum of “A Feminist Take on a Horror Classic”: Feminism and the Horror Distribution Landscape
    (Bruna Foletto Lucas, Kingston University)
  • “I Work Bloody Hard, Just Like the Men Do”: Tracking Jennifer Kent’s Career as a Pioneer of a New Era of Australian Horror
    (Issy Macleod, University of Queensland)
  • “No Drama”: Emotion Work in Midsommar
    (Jason Middleton, University of Rochester)

16:10-19:00: Break

19:00-20:30: Live Industry Event (Stream C)

Day 3: Transmedia Themes – Sunday 12 September, 2021

Parallel Session 8

10:00-11:20: Panel 8a – Creature Features: Monsters & Folklore I (Stream A)

Chair: Stephen Curtis

  • The Ghosts of Ramowood: Community (Trans)Media in Ramo Mokuy and Ramo Mokuy 2: The Frakkers
    (Stephen Morgan, King’s College London)
  • Spectral Pied-Pipers: La Llorona and The Woman in Black
    (Donna McRae and Kate Murray, Deakin University)
  • Killer Dolls: Tracing the Legend of Annabelle Across Horror Media
    (Abby Whittall, Independent Scholar)

10:00-11:20: Panel 8b – Earthly Plagues: Eco-horror (Stream B)

Chair: Shellie McMurdo

  • The Imagination of Disaster 2.0: Revisiting Susan Sontag in the Age of the Pandemic Horror Narrative
    (Jon Towlson, University of Leeds)
  • “How Do You Know It Was People?”: Mediating Plant Epistemologies in the Blair Witch Franchise
    (Merlin Seller, University of Edinburgh)
  • “Strangeness Had Come into Everything Growing Now”: Eco-horror in Die Farbe and Color Out of Space
    (Sandra Aline Wagner, University of Limerick)

11:20-11:50: Break

Parallel Session 9

11:50-12:50: Panel 9a – Dark Woods: Folk Horror (Stream A)

Chair: Lindsay Hallam

  • “Isn’t Folk Horror All Horror?”
    (Diane A. Rodgers, Sheffield Hallam University)
  • “It’s Just a Piss-up and a Bonfire”: The Significance of Alban Eiler in Calibre
    (Kev Bickerdike, Sheffield Hallam University)

11:50-12:50: Panel 9b – Unkind, Rewind: Digital vs. Analogue (Stream B)

Chair: Kieran Foster

  • Rewind Culture: VHS Inspired Literature, Film and Fandom
    (J. Rocky Colavito, Butler University)
  • “Aesthetic Observance of Violence”: Transfer Terror in Contemporary Horror
    (Shellie McMurdo and Laura Mee, University of Hertfordshire)

12:50-13:50: Lunch

Parallel Session 10

13:50-15:10: Panel 10a – Creature Features: Monsters & Folklore II (Stream A)

Chair: Simon Brown

  • Some Legends are Born, Others are Created: The Golem and the Creation of a Jewish Frankenstein
    (Mary Going, University of Sheffield)
  • From Revenants to Vampires: The Transmedia Evolution of the Jiangshi
    (Katarzyna Ancuta, Chulalongkorn University)
  • Egyptomania, Unbound and Unwrapped: Paranormal, Egypt’s Homegrown Horror
    (Gillian McIver, University for the Creative Arts)

13:50-15:10: Panel 10b – Night Terrors: Sleep Horror (Stream B)

Chair: Aleksandra Kaminska

  • Evil Nightmares
    (Lynn Kozak, McGill University)
  • Sleeping for Audiences and the Terror that it Brings
    (Dayna McLeod, McGill University)
  • Dark Times: Feminist Sleep Thrillers and the Labour of Being a Body
    (Alanna Thain, McGill University)

15:10-15:40: Break

15:40-16:40: Keynote 3 (Stream A)

Chair: Stacey Abbott

16:40-17:00: Closing Remarks with Craig Ian Mann & Chris Cooke (Stream A)

17:00-18:30: Break

18:30-19:45: Live Industry Event (Stream C)