Live Video Interview

Larry Fessenden

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If you haven’t heard Larry Fessenden’s name, we’re sure you’ve seen his face. The king of the horror cameo, Fessenden has appeared in everything from Session 9 (2001) to The Strain (2014–2017), via Mulberry Street (2006), You’re Next (2011),  We Are What We Are (2013), The Transfiguration (2016) and Most Beautiful Island (2017), while he has taken on meatier acting roles in the likes of I Sell the Dead (2008), Bitter Feast (2010) and We Are Still Here (2015). As a producer – and head honcho at independent genre powerhouse Glass Eye Pix – Fessenden has been responsible for nurturing some of the finest writers and directors of modern genre films, including Ti West, Jim Mickle, Nick Damici, Joe Maggio, Mickey Keating, Ana Asensio and Glenn McQuaid. For the last eight years, Fessenden and McQuaid have also been single-handedly reviving the lost art of the radio play with Tales from Beyond the Pale (2010– ), an auditory horror experience like no other.

With so many projects moving at once, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Fessenden is himself the writer, director and sometimes star of a number of astonishing feature films, including No Telling (1991), Habit (1995), Wendigo (2001) and The Last Winter (2006). These films were collected together in a special collector’s edition Blu-ray boxset and released by Scream Factory in 2015. He will soon return to the director’s chair to film Depraved, his modern reimagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: just the latest project in a career full of achievements spanning over thirty-five years.

Fessenden’s contribution to horror cinema can’t be underestimated; a fiercely independent and socially conscious filmmaker, he has created (and enabled others to create) some of the most accomplished and important genre films of the last three decades. Though unforeseen circumstances have prevented him from joining us in person, we are delighted that Fessenden will take part in a live video interview with Chris Cooke, Lecturer in Film & Media Production at Sheffield Hallam University and director of Nottingham’s Mayhem Film Festival. This event will be followed by a very special screening of new Glass Eye Pix production Like Me (2017), with a video introduction by director Robert Mockler.

Larry Fessenden will take part in a live video interview with Chris Cooke at 20:00 on Friday 6 April