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Prior to attending one of our workshop activities

  • Prepare and complete a brief Expression of Interest (EoI) for a hypothetical External Examining appointment and
  • Bring three copies of your EoL to the workshop –  you do not need to bring a CV

During the workshop you will receive Peer Feedback on your EoI. We don’t expect you to have a polished text – bullet points are fine: the purpose is to get feedback on your profile in relation to external examining. The exercise will help you to think about the range of experience you have that will be valuable and valued in an External Examining role.

Workshop content

Quality Assurance.

Colleagues from the Academic Quality and Standards team will outline External Examining from the institution’s perspective. This will include an overview of  the UK Quality Code’s requirements and how External Examining operates at Hallam:

External Examining Workshop Institutional Perspective

Presented by: Lisa Kirkup, Quality Officer, AQS – March 2019

Things to consider when applying for the role of External Examiner

Handout: Created by AQS Team

External Examining Institutional Perspective

Vimeo presented by: Leopold Green, Head of Quality AQS – June 2019

Forms, Annual Reports and Guidance Documents

Content owner: AQS website 

Contacts and further information.

External Quality Environment.

Provides a brief overview of the External Quality Environment. It introduces the recent changes resulting from The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 (HERA). These have included the combining of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) into a single regulator – the Office for Students (OfS). The Act requires providers (e.g. Universities) to be on the Office for Students Register in order to have Degree Awarding Powers and to call themselves a University.

Part of the process of registration requires the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to undertake a Quality and Standards Review (QSR) of all new providers. There is also potential for providers on the register to undergo a QSR if the Office for Students (OfS) monitoring of providers deems there to be a risk of the provider breaching ‘baselines’.  One of the key sources of information QSR will use to assess these ‘baselines’ will be evidence from external examiners reports.

External examiners reports are also used as key forms of evidence during the internal process of Departmental Periodic Review. Take a look at the External Quality Environment presentation.

View from the field.

Moderation/Verification of Assessment & Mock Assessment Board.

Explores the core roles of the External Examiner. The Advance HE / HEA – Handbook for external examining proposes that the External Examiners role is both an external moderator and a critical friend with duties that embrace the following:

  • ensuring the integrity, rigour and fairness of assessment procedures;
  • assessing the standard of academic awards and student performance;
  • commenting on the comparability of student performance and standard of awards of the institution in respect to their experience of other HE institutions;
  • identifying good practice and providing advice for the enhancement of modules and programmes;
  • assessing a programme’s approach to ‘fitness to practice’ (professional programmes).

Here, you will focus on what you, as an EE, would want to see in order to verify that the assessment instruments ‘are an effective means of assessing a module learning outcomes’. It also gives participants an opportunity to review the type of data presented at an assessment board, draw some inferences and consider what you might want to comment on in your EE report.

Examples of External Examiner Reports: Both Leeds Beckett University and University of Bolton publish their external examiners’ reports online.

External Examiners Forum: The External Examiners JISCM@il is a useful discussion forum and provides a list of external examiner vacancies. 

Further reading

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