What do you do?

We continue to develop the FAQ section of this Learner Engagement toolkit and would like to know how you would answer some of the questions. Please answer one or more of the questions by following this link: https://goo.gl/forms/fnnShuaJmg0KXgDj2 You can also pose questions that you would like to be answered by the community and express your interest in becoming…


We have created a collection of icebreaker and team building activities that can be used to build group identity and motivation. Please let us know what you do to welcome students and build effective groups.

Developing learner motivation

A new briefing in the Learner Engagement toolkit looks at the importance of motivating students and how this can be achieved. The briefing complements a curriculum innovation workshop offer. Both cover the following strategies and methods, Initialising engagement by establishing a ‘big picture’ The benefits of agreeing what learning works with students by exploring previous…

A new resource on using Object-based learning

Dr David Smith from Bioscience shares and discusses the outputs from his LEAD Associate project on Using Objects to Stimulate Learning. Object-Based Learning (OBL) is a student-centred learning approach that uses objects to facilitate deep learning. Objects may take many forms, small or large, but the method typically involves students handling or working objects at…

Tell us what you know!

We are developing the FAQ section of this Learner Engagement toolkit and want to hear about your experience please. We have developed a set of questions and are looking to the expertise we have in our own community to answer them. Please answer one or more of the questions by following this link: https://goo.gl/forms/fnnShuaJmg0KXgDj2 Using the…

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Creating a welcoming learning environment

We are developing the FAQ section of the Learner Engagement site and would like to answer the question ‘How can I create a welcoming learning environment?’ Can you help? Many academics use tried and tested ice breaker activities. Collating descriptions of such activities has much value. Please share, what do you do and why does…

Refreshing your lectures

Ideas to support you to enhance engagement in your lectures is available as a set of Viewpoints Cards. You can review these on your own, but they are particularly useful for Peer Review & Enhancement activities or informal conversations with peers.

Learning in groups

A new set of pages has been developed to support learning and teaching in groups in the Enhancing Practice section. SHU’s Group Work Principles – approved by the University Academic Development Committee (2011) Large group teaching – provides tips and guidance including guidance on the design and delivery of lectures Large group teaching resources – provides…

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We are making improvements to this site. Apologies if you encounter problems. An editorial group is being formed and this refreshed toolkit is being launched in January 2017. If Learner Engagement is an area to which you would like to contribute please contact us.