Quick and easy strategies for motivating our students

What: Developing student motivation is key to their success. This desire to learn is critical, not only to classroom engagement but to their continued engagement with their course. Motivation and the desire to learn can be fostered by making some quick and easy adjustments to the way we teach and the approaches students take to their learning.

Why: Developing a student’s desire to learn their subject is fundamental to their success, especially at critical transition points. Developing a desire to learn is also an essential disposition for lifelong learning.

icon showing a cup of coffeeGrab a coffee…

With a colleague, discuss what each of you do to ensure students want to attend and want to learn with you and their peers. Consider how you ensure that your learning environment and the contact every student has with you is positive. Begin your conversation by each listing five things you actually do. Then, talk through the list – add each other’s ideas to your own and between you add five more ideas. Agree an opportunity to present these to your colleagues.

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