“The Belonging Campaign” – an active workshop

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The workshop designs in Teaching Essentials are indicative. They provide a sense of what we can offer. LEAD is flexible about how, where and when the sessions are offered and will work with you to design to your context by including particular requirements as necessary.

This is a flipped workshop and the first section is intended for self-study based on a selection of readings and a guided peer discussion. It can also be used as a pre-workshop ‘flipped’ activity for the second section, a CPD active workshop.

Email the Teaching Essentials team in LEAD if you would like to arrange a workshop for your department or course team. Workshops will be customised to reflect your needs and context.

What is “The Belonging Campaign” workshop about?

The “Belonging Campaign” workshop is about fostering student course belonging. We will learn about it by becoming a campaign team for this workshop. Between us, working co-operatively side-by-side we will undertake a series of tasks. To do this we will have to think quickly and work even quicker!

The workshop creates an opportunity for a course team to systematically review, share and generate ideas about developing teaching so that it fosters a sense of belonging. The workshop will have a positive, creative and productive spirit and will provide a wonderful opportunity for the group to find out the learner experience across the course or subject area and imagine what can be done to make it much better.

This workshop has been run several times and continues to generate ideas. Participants can enjoy inspiring each other and being inspired.

See what other participants have produced How Our Staff Engage Learners.

The key question is,

What can be done to foster student belonging in the classroom and beyond, who needs to do it and how can we convince them?

Intended learning outcomes

By participating in this workshop you will,

  • develop your knowledge about student belonging and how to ensure students do not feel alienated in class, or on campus
  • identify changes that you can make to your practice
  • develop arguments for influencing stakeholders with the power to enhance student belonging

Part 1. Self-study: what to do now


Please watch this brief video introduction which explains what you need to do before the workshop

Pre-session mini-task

  • Please speak to some of your students and ask them what ‘course identity’, ‘belonging’ and ‘learner engagement’ means to them. If you can’t find any students, find a colleague. Record or write down some quotes and bring them to the workshop.


Please look at one or more of these. They both refer to the principles we will use in the workshop

Part 2. Workshop outline

Duration: two hour workshop – usually this is run as a twilight workshop 4pm til 6pm, but this is negotiable.

Bring with you

  • If you have a tablet or a smartphone bring it along to photograph or video what you produce. Install the YouTube app beforehand if you would like to record a video of what you produce (available for Apple or Android).
  • Energy.
  • Ideas.


We will,

  • work as a campaign team producing representations that discuss student course belonging* and why it is important.

*The term ‘course belonging’ helps us to focus on the course experience when this is run with course teams. The workshop is sometimes run with different types of groups in which case we will redefine this.

Our mission is to design a campaign about student course belonging to convince our academic colleagues, our students and our managers that student belonging matters and there are things they can do to improve it.

Please note: while we will have as much fun as possible, the intent is serious.

People will work in pairs. Each pair will pick a task and take ownership of it. Pairs will complete each task it in the allotted time and submit it to ‘the campaign board’. You will be given materials, some technology, connectivity, pages on this site, and some helping hands.

Here are some of the things we need to do, with estimated timings and points. You can add other task challenges as you realise they are needed. Create:

  • a campaign title and slogan (5 minutes/points, 5 bonus points available for every usage)
  • a powerful logo that communicates what ‘belonging’ means (5 minutes/points, 5 bonus points available for every usage)
  • a communication plan – who will be targeted, how, what key messages do they need (5 minutes/points)
  • a checklist for each stakeholder (academic, student, faculty manager, facilities manager, university leader): – “10 Things I can do to foster student belonging”  (10 minutes/points each)
  • A pamphlet called “A Rough Guide to Student Belonging” (Cover, back cover, 2 inside pages. Include at least one diagram and one useful photograph. Each page is A5) (20 minutes/points)
  • A campaign website – using this Learner Engagement toolkit site, you will create a set of at least four pages. You will include the campaign logo, slogan, and student quotes. An extra 5 points will be awarded for every vox pop video you include. First, agree the purpose and structure, then decide what you need to write, film or photograph, or link to. Second, do it! (30 minutes/points+)
  • 2 posters or infographic – the poster or infographic needs to present compelling evidence that change is needed to ensure students feel a sense of course belonging (two tasks. Each will take 30 minutes. Each can earn 30 points)
  • Belonging online: a 400-500 word blog post that examines course belonging as it affects online engagement, with at least one link to an online ‘resource’ or posting (25 minutes/points)
  • An edited podcast ‘radio interview’ lasting exactly 3 minutes (production: 20 minutes/points)
  • A video feature for Newsnight to include at least an interviewer and an interviewee lasting exactly 2 minutes. This will be posted to YouTube and will be embedded in this toolkit. Participants will draft serious questions and will sign a release form. (15 minutes production time and double points [30 points])


A prize will be awarded for the winning pair – to be announced

  • Each team will be awarded 1 point for each minute of production time as indicated for completed tasks.
  • Bonus points are available for some tasks as indicated.
  • New tasks can be added and points will be agreed with the facilitator before the task is begun.
  • You must include the campaign title, slogan and logo or your submission will be invalid.
  • Pairs can work with other pairs. Points will be shared.
  • Reuse of content produced by others (e.g. research) is strongly encouraged and gains kudos points.

Resources in the campaign centre

Reference materials: some handouts but also information in this toolkit

Helpers: People who can help polish up some of the stuff you make

Analogue: Paper, card, markers, whiteboards and pens

Digital: tablets and laptops, including apps for video, audio, photography, drawing, WordPress editing, microphone and headphones, lights, pamphlet template, some video clips of students talking about course belonging

Other: Cakes and coffee… but they’ll be no time to eat them.

Further resources

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  1. Looking forward to the session
    I am currently on the PGCLTHE course and interested in fostering ‘creative culture’ approach to learner engagement and course identity

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