The courses and materials in this section are intended to support CPD in face-to-face workshops mode, online open mode, or blended mode. They support independent CPD, Peer Review & Enhancement, or Course Team-based CPD activities.

If you are planning to attend or have already attended a CPD workshop, this CPD area is intended to provide you with access to relevant materials and activities.

If you deliver academic CPD workshops we encourage you to share your workshop materials through Teaching Essentials.

About our workshops

The workshop designs in Teaching Essentials are indicative. They provide a sense of what we can offer. We are flexible about how, where and when the sessions are offered and will work with you to design to your context by including particular requirements as necessary.

Innovation Conversations

These informal conversation topics are offered to support team and peer discussions.

Please share back ideas you come up with and contribute your own examples and suggestions for further conversations on designing innovative practice for learner engagement.

Online tasters and flipped workshops

Online tasters provide a way to get up to speed quickly with a set of ideas. They take about 20 minutes of reading and viewing. The online tasters also work as a pre-activity to Flipped workshops.

Further workshops are currently being developed to support topics in the Learner Engagement toolkit. Please request specific topics to meet your needs.

Curriculum Design Studio events

Curriculum Design Studios are intense immersive think tank events facilitated to support course teams to review and refresh their curriculum. Information can be found in this toolkit and on the Curriculum Design toolkit along with information about validation.