Learner Engagement – FAQs and Top Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

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Top Tips

  1. Keep learning outcomes in mind – understand how learning, teaching and assessment work together to develop engagement through learning design rather than being assessment-driven.
  2. Adopt the 7 Principles of Undergraduate Teaching.
  3. Make learning meaningful – seek to form connections between theoretical knowledge and how it is applied at every opportunity.
  4. Be inspirational – the inspirational teacher understands how learning is experienced personally and socially.
  5. Stretch your students – create educational experiences for students that are challenging, enriching and extend
    their academic abilities  Students engage when they are set high expectations and are faced with meaningful and realistic challenges.
  6. Enhance students’ self-belief and motivation.
  7. Develop student expectations to work independently and by co-operating with their peers.
  8. Create learning that is active, collaborative and fosters learning relationships – icebreakers signal how you mean to go on.
  9. Enable students to develop their social and cultural capital.

What teachers at Sheffield Hallam University recommend

Academics shared their thoughts on how to engage learners in a series of workshops. This record is full of useful suggestions based on what they do. They are structured according to the principles used in this site.

The Learner Engagement design lens