Course Belonging?

A new workshop is available to help course teams reimagine course belonging. The workshop is called the ‘Belonging Campaign’ and participants act as a campaign team in the workshop. Our mission is to run a campaign that convinces peers, managers and students that developing student course belonging is critical.

To do this, the team works in pairs to create campaign assets like videos, pamphlets and websites. Of course, to do this you have to know a thing or two! So, as a participant, you will work together to find out what it is all and develop enough knowledge to communicate it well enough to influence those who can do something about it. In the process, you may well convince yourself of one or two things that you will apply to your own practice!

The Belonging Campaign has been run successfully before on several occasions as ‘media frenzy’ workshops. It’s good fun and it matters!

You can commision this workshop through: ! Teaching Essentials

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