Developing learner motivation

A new briefing in the Learner Engagement toolkit looks at the importance of motivating students and how this can be achieved.

The briefing complements a curriculum innovation workshop offer. Both cover the following strategies and methods,

  • Initialising engagement by establishing a ‘big picture’
  • The benefits of agreeing what learning works with students by exploring previous successes
  • Using diagnostics to build student confidence
  • Supporting students to use the right methods for dedicating time-on-task
  • How to develop understanding more than just knowledge as a strategy for student-driven engagement
  • How to develop curiosity through conundrums
  • Methods for developing the identity of your learning community and its self-knowledge
  • How to develop resilience and motivation through a ‘success breeds success’ strategy
  • Why developing a sense of becoming and professional orientation will motivate student engagement
  • Considering addressing performance-orientated and learning-orientated students is needed
  • Providing clarity by getting the balance between abstract and real problems

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