About the Learner Engagement Toolkit

The Learner Engagement Toolkit is part of Teaching & Assessment Essentials and brings together a collection of tips, FAQs, design tools, recommended readings, good practice case studies and links to other useful materials from Sheffield Hallam University and beyond.

Thie primary purpose of this site is to reflect and inspire innovative academic practice to foster student belonging and increase learner motivation in the classroom and in the course generally.

To enable you to find relevant information easily the site is divided up into sections:

    • Academic Practice – information, guidance and briefings to help you improve the way you teach and develop learner motivation and engagement
    • Curriculum innovation – focuses on course level approaches to enhancement. It includes I nformation about using the Curriculum Design Studio.
    • CPD – online activities and workshop offers to support your development around learner engagement.
    • Essential texts – recommended readings for looking at Issues and possibilities more deeply.
    • Our Community – The Learner Engagement Toolkit is produced by the academic community at Sheffield Hallam. This area includes information about members of the toolkit’s Editorial Group and the wider community with a particular interest in developing learner engagement.

Contact us provides links to the Teaching Essentials team so you can submit ideas, questions and examples from your own practice.

This toolkit is a growing resource and we are keen to receive contributions such as brief case studies from any member of staff at Sheffield Hallam

Please post comments along with any ideas, useful resources or other improvements

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