Teacher training – when the dream hasn’t become reality….





So, you’ve been unsuccessful with your first three choices for teacher training through Apply 1 – what now? The dream isn’t over yet, but you’re going to need to do some more work to try and turn the situation around. So you want to teach? That means you’re resilient, right? Then it’s time to get straight ‘back onto the horse’ and see what training places are still available and make a further application using Apply 2. Of course that means putting yourself up for consideration again.

If you weren’t shortlisted for any of your choices, then you may need to revisit your application. You cannot change it, but what you could do when you’ve made your new choice is contact the training provider and ask whether you can supply any supplementary information in support of your application. If this is the case then have a think about how you can add to your original statement. You will still need to be concise though – providing reams and reams of additional content is likely to hinder rather than help.

If you were lucky enough to get an interview, but were unsuccessful at that stage, did you get feedback from the training providers after each interview? We all come out of an interview thinking; I wish I’d said this? Why didn’t I say that? Your first port of call should be to get the panel’s take on where you can improve – was it the answers to your questions, your performance during any activities or simply that you were outperformed on the day? The answers to these questions will help you to work on the things that are within your control, but also you will need to accept those that simply are outside of your control – you can’t mitigate for someone else’s performance for example.


SHU students and recent graduates are welcome to make an appointment to talk through your interview preparation and you could also see if there are any practise interview slots available in the run up to the real thing to help you to hone your skills. We have information available to help you to prepare for teacher training interviews on our Careers Central website.

Andrew Walton
Employability Adviser