Top Tips for Placement Seekers

If you are thinking of undertaking placement year, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some top tips from a student who successfully navigated the journey from placement seeker to placement success!

Thanks to Charlotte, a current final year student of Business and Enterprise Management, for her insights which will help you to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

It can be very daunting entering into the professional world and the highly competitive job market. Here are a few ‘top tips’ to hopefully put you at ease.


I began looking at placements in mid-October,  many large organisations close their applications in December. It’s nice to get the process underway before deadlines and the January exam period starts looming. I found that making a list of the employers and roles I was interested in and ordering them by closing date was a good way to keep organised with my applications. Additionally, by starting early there are often more opportunities to choose from to find the right placement for you. Continue reading