Career Impact students celebrate their achievements


Last week the Careers and Employment Service held the first Career Impact awards ceremony. Level 6 students who had participated in and contributed to the programme were invited to an awards ceremony to celebrate their progress. Career Impact aims to coach, inspire and support high achieving students throughout the process of their applications to graduate schemes, in connection with employers and professionals.

The ceremony was hosted by head of Careers and Employment, Pat Quinn, who assured the students that their efforts and achievements would have a direct impact on their future career. Each student was presented with a certificate and spent time sharing their experiences as part of the programme, and in their job search.


Two graduates who had previously participated in Career Impact returned to share their experiences and advice for current students: Matthew, now a Learning Technology Developer at Capita, and Kayleigh a Graduate Management Trainee at Sheffield Hallam University. Current students also presented, including Alana, who emphasised the importance of choosing an employer who matches your values and Lizzie who has recently secured a place on the graduate scheme with Microsoft. The evening closed with refreshments and networking. A number of students commented on the encouragement they had gained through peer support from others in the group, and on the friendships and networks they had formed through the programme.

Feedback from students on what they learnt from Career Impact

“It boosted my confidence so much! Seeing others go through the process has helped me, comforted me and likewise put pressure on me”

“It was increased my confidence in my own ability”

“It has enhanced my employability skills but has made me realise just how competitive the job market is and how much work is needed to obtain a job,”

“The group sessions have also been useful, especially with practice assessment centres and interviews and listening to other student’s experiences.”

Advice for students considering being part of Career Impact:

“Very much worth it, you will learn a lot, gain confidence and get practical experience,”

“Join, in order to build your confidence and gain a network of friends and employers”

The programme is currently accepting applications from level 5 students who are aiming to apply for graduate schemes. More information application details can be found here:

career imp

Success with Sellafield

It’s always good to hear from students who have graduated, to find out what they have gone on to do. One student contacted us recently – Joseph, a former BEng Electronic Engineering student, who graduated last summer. Joseph used the Careers and Employment Service to help him make a successful application for the Sellafield graduate programme, and to help make sure he was prepared for the recruitment process.

Here, Joseph talks about his experience:

“During my final year at Sheffield Hallam University, Sellafield held a presentation on the opportunities available in their graduate scheme. They were focused on the personal development of each individual and therefore I decided to apply. The Careers and Employment Service helped me with my CV, and helped me prepare for the video interview and assessment centre.  I was happy to find out that I had been offered a place in their graduate scheme.


Working at Sellafield has been amazing, there are so many different projects you can get involved and gain invaluable experience from. One of the biggest draws for me was the opportunity to undertake a number of placements allowing you to move around the business, developing a broad set of transferable skills. Having the support of a mentor is also something I find really valuable, and I am really excited about working towards a chartership with the IET. I would recommend all engineering students to apply to Sellafield as it is a great opportunity to work in the nuclear industry.”

Further information about working for Sellafield, and their graduate scheme can be found here:

To find out about future employer presentations in the Careers and Employability Centre, go to:


I’m a Graduate – Get Me Out Of Here!

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Tips for students from Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover were at Sheffield Hallam today, presenting to students interested in their graduate programme. Students were given an overview of the company and their products, and details of their different graduate schemes. They had a chance to hear from and ask questions of recent graduates now working for JLR.


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Civil Service Fast Stream Road Show comes to SHU

The Civil Service Fast Stream road show came to Sheffield Hallam today. A packed Careers and Employability Centre heard about the Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme, and specifically about working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Speakers gave insights into what it is like to work for the Foreign Office, and described their experiences as Fast Streamers.


Tips for applications to the Fast Stream

In addition to the detailed information and competency framework on the Fast Stream website, speakers gave students these tips:

  • PRACTISE the online tests including the e-tray exercise beforehand – use and
  • You will be asked to give written submissions as part of the recruitment process. It can be a good idea to use a structure to help frame your answer, such as: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) or PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental)
  •  Use STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to help you talk about yourself and evidence your achievements in the application and at interview
  • You are likely to be faced with tasks where you are given lots of information of different types including statistics and opinions to read through. There will be far too much to read in the time available, so you will need to skim read and pick out the key points. You will probably be asked to make recommendations or decisions – use the full range of types of information to back up your answer.
  • Certain schemes will have a Final Selection Board – for this you will be role playing, and responding to scenarios played out by actors. The scenarios are likely to involve dealing with a confrontational or challenging situation – so prepare for this. Practise responding to a difficult situation with a friend, or ask for support with this at the Careers Service.

Key points relating to applying for the Foreign Office (Diplomatic Service)

What are they looking for?

  • Can you use your brain? Can you absorb information, take notes, notice what is happening around you, inwardly digest, and then draw conclusions, and make decisions about courses of action?
  • Can you communicate? Can you talk about decisions, policy and strategy clearly – in writing, by email, in reports for Ministers. Are you confident enough to communicate to large audiences – in Foreign Office roles you will appear on TV and radio, and will be quoted and interviewed by the Media. Take opportunities to practise public speaking – on your course, or elsewhere.
  • Have you got people skills? Can you work with others, and will other people work with you? Are you able to influence others?
  • Are you resilient? Often you will be delivering messages that might be unpopular, and may receive a hostile reaction. How will you cope with this?

If you are interested in applying for the Fast Stream but aren’t sure about which scheme to apply for, or would like support with your application, call in to the Careers and Employment Service.

Interested in a career with the Civil Service?

Tomorrow (15 October) we have representatives from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office visiting the Careers and Employability Centre, here to talk to students about the Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme:

The Civil Service is aiming to recruit graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds. To find out more about life on the Fast Stream programme, about life in the Diplomatic Service, and about life as a diplomat from an ethnic minority background, have a look at these case studies:

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