Don’t stop until you’re proud!


Business and Marketing student Alice is busy applying for placements. Here she tells us why she now feels more confident…

A sense of achievement is what every student expects when embarking on their university journey. Cliché I know, but a very wise lady once gave me a very wise piece of advice, she told me “Never stop until you’re proud”. In the thick of my second year and applying for placements I found this piece of advice to be at the forefront of my motivation. Having performed numerous telephone interviews you could say it was becoming second nature, but having secured a face-to-face interview I just couldn’t shake this overwhelming feeling of nervousness.

The company sent me over a briefing for my interview describing the days’ activities to be a ten minute individual presentation, group tasks and a competency based interview.

Arranging a meeting with someone more experienced than myself seemed like the sensible thing to do. Here I met Karen Allan my employment adviser, not only could I discuss the process and my general worries with an experienced figure but straight away I felt much more at ease and calmer about the situation.


Having had the opportunity to take part on the Common Purpose leadership course offered through Sheffield Hallam, I felt relatively comfortable with my performance in group tasks and wasn’t so anxious about this activity. However having to prepare a ten minute presentation on ‘increasing brand exposure’ seemed to be proving the most difficult task to prepare for. Despite the fact I had been doing tasks such as this throughout my university experience, in this situation I was naturally more apprehensive. But the support with my preparation hadn’t stopped at Karen, and seeking advice from my Marketing tutors who were more than happy to help, enabled them to advise and critique my work to allow the best chance of securing the placement.

With all the tips and tricks Karen has armed me with and the support of my tutors now all I have to do is take a deep breath, keep my fingers crossed and remember “Never stop until you are proud” and hopefully my next post will be a blog about how to successfully secure a placement.