A Year 10 student’s thoughts on Creative Media Pathways


Madison Lever is a Year 10 student from Yewlands Academy, who has been on placement with the Employer Partnerships team this week. She attended the Creative Media Pathways event on Wednesday, and here are her thoughts:

My role at the event was to take notes on the event as a whole and go to some of the talks to have an idea on what the students would benefit from the entirety of the day. I also had to take pictures during the careers fair, of the employer stands and the event as a whole.

CMPI attended Olly Mann’s talk. During the talk, Mann spoke about his career as a broadcaster, podcaster and columnist and how he felt he generated his career himself. He mentioned a few tips for students wanting to pursue a profession in the media, one of them being, “Have confidence to push yourself and your own abilities”. Overall, Olly Mann provoked self-confidence to the students and was honest about himself and his career.

The event was quite full and every stand seemed to have students asking them questions on what their company has to offer them now and in the future. While walking around I overheard some students discussing about how useful the workshop and talks were that they attended, which shows that the event was successful.


 To the students it seemed to be very beneficial. They seemed to enjoy being able to talk to people that are in the positions they want to be in later in life and discuss how the speakers got there and the barriers they had to face. The employer stands had students at each one while I was going around, showing that students were taking the opportunity to go to the careers fair and think about future prospects.