Hand Made Success!


Last week the first ever Hallam Hand Made craft market was held in the Cantor Atrium. Nineteen students from a range of Art and Design courses, predominantly Jewellery and Metalwork, took part in the event. They were supported in this new venture by four craft professionals who all currently exhibit in All Good Stuff a local not-for-profit gallery on Arundel Street.

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The event ran between 11am – 3pm and there was a steady flow of interested visitors to the market throughout the day. Feedback from visitors to the event has been extremely encouraging with the majority rating the event as “excellent” or “very good”. Many commented on the excellence of the quality of products on display and that students were welcoming and friendly.

Great variety of products, some of which were quite innovative and for a range of tastes and budgets too”.

“It showcased what our students do! Nice range of products”

Others commented on the value of this event as a practical learning experience for students.

“Giving students the opportunity to experience selling and marketing their products in a controlled environment”

“It allowed [students] them to put into practice the theory related to self-employment and product promotion”.

The exhibiting students also fed back their own thoughts:

“I know I can sell now, I am going to set up an Etsy account”

“I definitely want to be involved next year”

I’d like to say that I thought the craft fair was a great experience”

We hope that Hallam Hand Made will become an established SHU annual event with students from across all Art and Design disciplines participating.

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Caroline Nouvellon (Event Organiser)

Employment Adviser, Careers and Employment


Start your Christmas shopping!

Next Thursday, students from Art and Design courses will be exhibiting and selling their products at the very first Hallam Hand Made Craft Market, Cantor Atrium 11am – 3pm

Craft professionals will be exhibiting and selling their products alongside the students. The event has been organised by Caroline Nouvellon, our Employment Adviser who works with Art and Design courses, with the assistance of local not-for-profit gallery All Good Stuff on Arundel Street.

The idea behind the event was to provide students with first-hand experience of selling their products.  Caroline hopes that the group will gain an understanding of the planning and preparation that is required, of how to price and display their products, and of how to engage with customers and make sales! Students will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from craft professionals who will be able to share their own experiences of starting out as independent practitioners.

So, come along and support Hallam students in their venture, and buy something nice for someone special this Christmas!