Student Employer of the Year Off Campus was awarded: Richard Ford

Josh Wright,Sheffield Hallam Student studying BSc Computing Forensic and Security Technologies, said: ”

Without Richard mentoring me throughout university and at the beginning of my career, I feel that my grades would have been much lower than they currently are; as the majority of my university work has been based upon my ‘real world’ experiences at Sheffield Wednesday FC.

His networking with other football clubs and IT professionals is what gained me a placement at Fulham FC, which has also dramatically improved my skill set.. Richard has taught me professional and life skills, as well as the need to keep pushing myself to learn. I find his enthusiasm for new innovations and new skills has pushed me into a competitive area with him and has given me the desire to improve myself, which has led to a lot of ‘at home learning’.

Currently, Richard is helping me with my post university career; as he understands that I need to ‘spread my wings’ and move on to something new. During this process he has been a great resource for advice on how to conduct myself during interviews and how to negotiate a fair salary. At the time of writing this he is currently helping me with a tough choice between two employers; one of which is offering me £30,000+, something that I believe would not have been possible straight out of university without his training and guidance.

Working at Sheffield Wednesday FC has given me an extremely varied overview of IT as football clubs have a multitude of operational areas. This varied experience will be very useful for future employers and the amount of responsibility that has been given to me will allow me to have a high level of confidence when starting my new job.