Student Employee of the Year Award – Commercial Impact: Liga Aspite

Robert Fennel, Managing Director at Rotary Engineering UK Limited, said: “Liga came to us with excellent credentials and still exceeded our expectations.  We had made a start on the ISO14001 Standard but having collected masses of information we had stalled. Liga was very quick to establish what was required and get us back on track.”

“Her ability to cut through the mass of information and work out exactly what needed to be done was impressive and we would have made little or no progress without her input.   After being introduced to the team she soon buckled down to the task ahead and worked with members of staff across the business to find out the information that was required. Her ability to work with a diverse range of people and obtain the relevant information for analysis was effective and efficient.”

“Liga soon established our baseline data and set in place the tasks that we needed to do to complete the standard. Being commercially aware, she also looked at where we might reduce costs.   Liga completed a vast amount of work in the short time that she spent with us; her work ethic should be highly commended.   Throughout the project she kept the team up to date on progress and we learned a lot from Liga which will stand us in good stead for achieving the ISO14001 Standard.”

At the end of the project Liga set out the work that we need to do to complete the standards and left us with contact details in case we needed further advice.