On Campus Student Employee of the Year Award Step Up to Leadership: Melissa Timmins

Brian Irwin of Sheffield Hallam University said “When leading the workshop, Melissa did background research into what the good principles of social media were. She designed discussion activities for the group, something she had not done before.  Her timing in the session activities was great, considering this was not something she was used to doing.  She did not have much experience with public speaking and did not like it very much. But she stepped up in front of the group of twenty staff and delivered a very good presentation in addition to facilitating the activities.”

“She then made an evaluation form and has been typing up the resources created by workshop participants to send out to everyone; all the while balancing a heavy assessment load at this time of year.  The feedback from the workshop has been very positive, with one participant describing it as one of the best workshops she had attended in her years at Sheffield Hallam.”