Off Campus Student Employee of the Year Step Up to Leadership Award: Ben Plimey

Shelley Bayne, Customer Experience Manager at BSKYB said: Ben was asked to take control of a brand new team entering the department, initially on a short term basis during cover period, however due to altering staff circumstances,  Ben was asked to cover the team on a long term basis for a period of around five months; which wasn’t within the remit of his secondment.

During this time Ben excelled in his role. He was covering a new full time team of twelve advisors and had to help them develop into their roles and ensure they were performing to business standards.

Given that the role was only meant to be on a temporary basis, and that Ben was not trained with the intention of managing a brand new team, he carried out his responsibilities as a manager with a professional and enthusiastic attitude. He offered fantastic support and guidance to new staff members and ensured they demonstrated the necessary Sky behaviours and attitudes. The team’s results improved week on week, and it was evident that the feedback that Ben was being given from his line manager was being implemented and was driving the team’s performance. Overall Ben went above and beyond what was required in the role and given that the original remit of his secondment was to be a ‘substitute’ team leader, Ben stepped up and operated as a manager on a full time basis for a period of around 20 weeks. He achieved results that we would expect from a permanent member of staff in a management position; this was exceptional.