Curiouser and curiouser … mermaid to marketer!

Alice Buck on her developing career ideas.

Alice Buck‘’What do you want to be when you’re older Alice?’’ was a question I was never able to answer with 100% surety. From an early age I had decided upon being a mermaid, however with this unrealistic dream I had to find a career path that would utilize my somewhat vivid imagination. It wasn’t until attending Sheffield Hallam’s University open day that I found this release, after attending an inspirational Business and Marketing talk I was sold.

Currently in my second year of Business and Marketing it has given me the opportunity to innovate, network and channel my imagination with the prospect of a placement year within this exciting industry. After attending a talk given by previous placement students the search for my perfect placement begins, my aim was then to build my employability and better my chances of competing within the placement pool of applicants. Becoming an active member of SHU Raising and Giving society allowed me to not only put to use my imagination for new ideas on large events but also allowed me to build upon my marketing, organisation, communication and team work skills, whilst giving back to charity gave me a great sense of achievement. I then decided to join the SHU Marketing society in which I began to build networks and attend employer presentations proving to be extremely insightful.

It wasn’t until I arranged a meeting with my tutor to discuss my CV that I had even realised, whilst having all this fun I was developing skills that are vital to all employers such as confidence in public speaking, team work, problem solving and communication skills, all of which are invaluable within all organisations! The confidence I had gained through joining these societies allowed me to feel comfortable in talking to prospective employers, I was able to recognize the strength and weaknesses of my skills and which I needed to develop. Although I’m sure my placement search will throw a few hiccups my way for now I am enjoying the ride. So now when people ask me my reply is ‘’I am an aspiring ambitious marketer’’ ..with 100% surety.