It’s Careers Fair Season…

This Thursday sees the start of our season of Careers Fairs, with the Science and Health Fair here at Hallam Hall. Already, over 350 students are registered for the fair, which we run in conjunction with the University of Sheffield. Employers attending the fair to meet students include CK Science, Diabetes UK, Eurofins Agroscience Service Ltd, Everyone Everywhere…


For a full list and to register, have a look at the Sheffield Universities Recruitment Fairs website:

Also coming up:


These three fairs are held at The Octagon at the University of Sheffield. Free shuttle buses will be leaving for The Octagon every 20 minutes from Hallam Square.


Civil Service Fast Stream Road Show comes to SHU

The Civil Service Fast Stream road show came to Sheffield Hallam today. A packed Careers and Employability Centre heard about the Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme, and specifically about working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Speakers gave insights into what it is like to work for the Foreign Office, and described their experiences as Fast Streamers.


Tips for applications to the Fast Stream

In addition to the detailed information and competency framework on the Fast Stream website, speakers gave students these tips:

  • PRACTISE the online tests including the e-tray exercise beforehand – use and
  • You will be asked to give written submissions as part of the recruitment process. It can be a good idea to use a structure to help frame your answer, such as: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) or PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental)
  •  Use STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to help you talk about yourself and evidence your achievements in the application and at interview
  • You are likely to be faced with tasks where you are given lots of information of different types including statistics and opinions to read through. There will be far too much to read in the time available, so you will need to skim read and pick out the key points. You will probably be asked to make recommendations or decisions – use the full range of types of information to back up your answer.
  • Certain schemes will have a Final Selection Board – for this you will be role playing, and responding to scenarios played out by actors. The scenarios are likely to involve dealing with a confrontational or challenging situation – so prepare for this. Practise responding to a difficult situation with a friend, or ask for support with this at the Careers Service.

Key points relating to applying for the Foreign Office (Diplomatic Service)

What are they looking for?

  • Can you use your brain? Can you absorb information, take notes, notice what is happening around you, inwardly digest, and then draw conclusions, and make decisions about courses of action?
  • Can you communicate? Can you talk about decisions, policy and strategy clearly – in writing, by email, in reports for Ministers. Are you confident enough to communicate to large audiences – in Foreign Office roles you will appear on TV and radio, and will be quoted and interviewed by the Media. Take opportunities to practise public speaking – on your course, or elsewhere.
  • Have you got people skills? Can you work with others, and will other people work with you? Are you able to influence others?
  • Are you resilient? Often you will be delivering messages that might be unpopular, and may receive a hostile reaction. How will you cope with this?

If you are interested in applying for the Fast Stream but aren’t sure about which scheme to apply for, or would like support with your application, call in to the Careers and Employment Service.

National success for Sheffield Hallam Students at the Student Employee of the Year Awards 2014

After having their outstanding contributions recognised at region level for the Student Employee of the Year Awards, two Sheffield Hallam University students have gone on to have their achievements recognised at national level.

The National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES) recently held their annual conference and awards dinner at Brunel University, London.

The NASES event is designed to recognise and promote the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who combine the balance between employment and study.

English student, Jessica Dodds was announced as a national winner in the ‘Off Campus Above and Beyond category’ for her work at marketing and training consultants Keep Your Fork. Jessica was presented with a certificate and received a cash prize of £100.

Jessica said: “I am so proud and thankful for the award and it’s fantastic that awards like this exist to recognise some of the amazing and inspiring work ethic of students today.

Jessica Dodds receiving her certificate with Faye Smith, Director of Keep Your Fork.

Business Economics student, Ben Plimley was awarded a Highly Commended ‘Off Campus Step Up to Leadership’ award at national level for his work at BSKYB. Ben was highly praised by his manager for achieving results expected from a permanent member of staff in a managerial position.

Castor Merino Perez was also awarded the ‘Highly Commended award’ at regional level for his work as Student Ambassador in the Careers and Employment Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.

Sheffield Wednesday FC were regional winners for the ‘Student Employer of the Year.’ They were nominated by Computing Forensic and Security Technologies student, Joshua Wright, who said without the experience he gained with Sheffield Wednesday he would not have achieved the grades he did in his course.

Student Employer Co-ordinator, Victoria Bacon was named as ‘best newcomer’ to NASES.

The event, which ran on the 8-9th July, was a great opportunity for students to make new connections and discuss employability with other like-minded students and winners.

Sheffield Hallam University would like to give a big congratulations to all the award winners for their hard-work and dedication.

Employers: Venture matrix seeks projects for students

English student works on editing project with theatre producer

English student works on editing project with theatre producer

Now that this academic year is drawing to an end, it’s a great time to reflect and focus on developments for the forthcoming year ahead. The Venture Matrix team are hard at work, looking for clients who require assistance on projects, which they may not have the time and/or resources to undertake, for Sheffield Hallam students to work on.

Venture Matrix is a unique work-based learning scheme. It develops students’ employability and enterprise skills through real life work related projects that are accredited as part of their degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Whether you are a university tutor, run an organisation or have colleagues or friends who may benefit from working with Sheffield Hallam University students, you can get involved in the Venture Matrix and benefit from the diversity of skills and knowledge available.

The scheme is open to organisations, businesses and schools within the local region. Opportunities are varied and wide ranging and could involve criminology, eco-tourism, humanities, information management, bioscience, nutrition, health and lifestyle, psychology and market research.

Through the Venture Matrix, the university, local organisations and our students can build and strengthen relationships with each other, enabling more effective collaboration in the future.

If you’d like to find out more information about Venture Matrix please

Regional Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) awards – more success for SHU students


We recently told you about our SEOTY awards evening at Sheffield Hallam, which took place in May, and that our winners were being entered into the regional stage of the competition.  Following on from the success of our students and the number of nominations received (96 nominations in total) the Regional winners have now been announced.

The Regional winners from SHU are

  • Ben Plimley for his work at BSKYB in the Step Up to Leadership category
  • Jessica Dodds for her work at Keep Your Fork in the Above and Beyond category.
  • Castor Merino Perez has also won the Highly Commended award at Regional level for his work in Careers and Employment at SHU as a Student Ambassador.
  • Sheffield Wednesday FC are also Regional winners for the Student Employer of the Year for their nomination written by one of our students.

The Regional winners Ben and Jessica have both been invited to take part in the Teach First Emerging Talent Programme on Tuesday 8th July at Brunel University(1-5pm) and invited to the SEOTY Awards dinner (also on to be held on 8th July) at which they will be presented with their certificates.  The National winner will be announced at the awards evening.

This is exciting news for the University and our student employees – we wish them the best of luck and have our fingers crossed for a Sheffield Hallam student 2014 National winner.

Insight into career mentoring and new LGBT initiative

by Linda Wilson, Senior Careers Adviser and Career Mentoring Scheme Coordinator

A couple of weeks ago we told you about our event celebrating the partnerships created with our students and their mentors. Today we’re telling you a bit more about this scheme, how our students can benefit, and about the new LGBT initiative we’ve rolled out this year.

What is the Career Mentoring scheme about? The Career Mentoring scheme gives you the chance to meet with a professional from an organisation or in a job role that interests you. Your mentor can give you the benefit of their experience in a particular occupation, and an insight into the knowledge and skills you need to enter into and progress within that occupation. If you have questions about a career route that interests you, mentoring provides the opportunity to get the answers. There can also be considerable benefits in having a mentor in a non-related field. You maintain the partnership over the academic year during which time it is suggested you will arrange to meet up three or four times.

How can I benefit?  Mentoring can be highly beneficial. You have chance to discuss your career options and gain an insight into what’s required of you in the work place. You may also have the opportunity to visit a workplace, research or confirm your career ideas, gain ‘insider’ advice on the application and job hunting process, find out about specialist skills/knowledge or training required, make contacts and meet people, possibly arrange future work shadowing or work experience or get the support you need so you can face your job search with confidence.

How can I think about who I am “going to be” in the future? Whatever stage you are at with planning your career, thinking about the next stage of entering professional life can be daunting. Much of it has to do with your “professional  identity”,  that is, who you are going to be, at your workplace and with your colleagues. This is going to be much easier for you, if you can be open about who you are, and to feel comfortable (to be your true and authentic self), at work. Having a career mentor who is a strong role model, can be an enormous help in this process.

How might this affect LGBT students? If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual and / or transgender (LGBT) student, you may be dealing with “coming out” at University, and you may well already be making decisions about who it feels OK to tell. You might also have concerns about how to be yourself in new situations, such as starting a new job in the future.

But, isn’t everything much better now that LGBT people have equal rights? New polling commissioned by Stonewall, (the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity) shows that LGBT people continue to expect to face discrimination in almost all walks of life. The report, “Gay in Britain”, (Stonewall 2013) demonstrates that, in spite of huge advances in legal equality, people still expect to face poor treatment … because of their sexual orientation. The poll also showed that over a quarter of lesbian, gay and bisexual people are not at all open to colleagues about their sexual orientation. Furthermore, in the last five years 2.4 million people of working age have witnessed verbal homophobic bullying at work.

However, on the plus side, many LGBT people work in supportive workplaces, and also enjoy the many positive aspects of being able to be “out” at work. Many of the larger organisations in both the public and private sector, have made a massive commitment to supporting their LGBT staff. Some people choose to work in the LGBT field, supporting other LGBT people with a range of issues such as employment and welfare rights, housing or health. So, if you are LGBT, having an LGBT mentor who has experienced many of these issues, may be able to help you with some of the decisions you will be faced with when planning for a career that feels right for you.

Can you tell me more LGBT Career Mentoring at Sheffield Hallam? In a new initiative this year, Sheffield Hallam University’s Career Mentoring scheme offered LGBT students the opportunity to have a career mentor who is also LGBT. The mentors are from a range of professions including Law, Engineering, IT and Community Work, and were matched with student mentees who are planning  their careers in a similar area.

Here is an extract from a conversation between Linda Wilson, Career Mentoring coordinator, with Matthew, about his experience of LGBT Mentoring:

Matthew re lgbt mentoringI’m Matthew, and I am final yearWeb Systems Design student and I study project management within IT, e-learning, and online learning and enterprise…and I’ve got a career mentor with IBM.

Linda: When you first applied for the mentoring scheme, you expressed some worries didn’t you, about how you were going to come out, when you start work? Can you tell me about how you were feeling a few months ago?

Matthew: “I had a placement with a City Council.  In my placement I found it hard to share experiences related to being gay. I found it difficult to confide in my peers when it came to my sexuality. This affected my relationships with my colleagues as I didn’t get to know them on a social level; and the whole experience with that led me to doubt myself and not feel confident with my sexuality in work.

So, from that experience I composed the application form about how I felt about coming out at work. In it, I said that I hoped that seeing someone else so confident in their own sexuality within the workplace would change my perception, in regards to gay people being accepted at work. ”

Linda: Can you tell me why you applied to have an LGBT mentor at IBM?

Mathew: “I wanted to see what it would be like for an LGBT person working in a big organisation, especially such as IBM. I wanted to know from (my mentor) Michael, what was involved with it all, how he found it, whether he was comfortable with his situation. And, at first he actually told me that he didn’t come out as LGBT. He was actually ashamed of it, and he explained to me how he developed the courage to speak about it, and how he accepted it, as being normal. That has helped me to develop myself, and now I can see that people can work together with an LGBT person, and it is just accepted in the workplace as being normal.”

Linda: Did he talk to you about the support he’s got from IBM, from being in an LGBT staff group?

“Joining this group has helped him come out, and helped him appreciate himself, so then other people, can appreciate him as well, so I think it’s definitely helped him. Now he works on a scheme with Stonewall in London, and does projects and group work with other IBM employee, around LGBT and diversity issues.”

Linda: What do you say when people say that you shouldn’t get special treatment, just because you are gay?

“I do think you do need that support there, to start with.. .even though some people might think you don’t. But I definitely think you do need that support. I felt as if I needed help, needed some guidance, needed someone’s experience to draw from… and this has definitely helped me with that.”

“People perform better when they can be themselves”

Sheffield Hallam University is currently working with Stonewall, the country’s leading LGBT charity, to become a Stonewall Diversity Champion employer.

Postgraduate Students Career Bite Size Success!

by Lucy Marris, Employment Adviser, Sheffield Business School

L-R Lucy Marris (Employment Adviser); Rohan Pethkar; Professor Isobel Doole (Deputy Dean of SBS and Head of Postgraduate); Zhuoling (Jolene) Wang and Geshani Subasinghe

Career Bite Size was a series of five optional workshops offered specifically for Postgraduate students within Sheffield Business School for the first time this year.

Devised by Employment Adviser Lucy Marris, the sessions took place on alternate Tuesday evenings from 28 January 2014 to 25th March 2014.  Each 1 ½ hour interactive session was a free-standing introductory workshop on a topic designed to help support students in proactively achieving their career goals for the future.  They were delivered by the Employment Advisers within SBS who specialise in providing support to  PG students.   Interested students could either dip in and out of the series opting to attend only those sessions of most relevance and interest, or could register and attend all five sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

The lively sessions were extremely well supported by students, with 74 different individual postgraduates attending at least one of the five sessions, and six dedicated students attending all five of the workshops and so receiving both a  certificate of completion together with an electronic Credly Career Management Skills badge to incorporate into their LinkedIn profiles.

Warmest congratulations to the six postgraduate students within SBS who have been awarded the inaugural Career Bite-Size Credly Award and Certificate.  This acknowledges their engagement in proactive career management through attending a series of five voluntary workshops on the topics of employability; looking for opportunities; creating CVs; performing at Interviews and networking with employers.  The completing students were:

•             Narendra Dangol: MSC Food Consumer Marketing and Prodouct DVT

•             Rohan Pethkar: MSC International Business Management

•             Geshani A subasinghe: MSc Managing Global Business

•             Lukas Tjitrabudi: MSc Managing Global Business

•             Zhuoling (Jolene) Wang: MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (work experience)

•             Yunjie (Jackie) Zhong MSc International Marketing


2014 Student Employee of the Year Awards (SEOTY)

by Victoria Bacon, Student Employment Co-ordinator

As part of the national Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) awards, the Sheffield Hallam prestigious awards evening took place here on 1 May. Our students, staff and external employers met to celebrate the achievements of our students who work whilst studying.

The SEOTY Awards have been run by the National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES) since 2002 and have grown year on year.

This year has been very successful for our students.  We received a massive 96 nominations and Sheffield Hallam was the top university in the North East and second nationally.

The awards went to:

Off Campus Student Employee of the Year – Above and Beyond

Winner: Jessica Dodds (BA English, final year student) for her work as Marketing Assistant at Keep York Fork, a marketing and training consultancy.

Faye Smith, Director of Keep Your Fork, said: “Jessica has been trusted to work directly with my clients where she is calm, professional and organised.With Jessica’s support we have been able to take on a greater number of retainer clients, generating great increase in business turnover.  I do not think my business would be running today, if it was not for the support, tenacity, courage and professionalism of this young woman.”

Read more on Jessica’s time at Keep Your Fork.

Jessica Dodds

Highly Commended: Charlotte Richardson (BSc Geography, final year)

Off Campus Student Employee of the Year – Step Up to Leadership

Winner:  Ben Plimey (BA Business Economics, final year) for his work as a Customer Experience Advisor for BSKYB.

Shelley Bayne, Customer Experience Manager at BSKYB, said: “Ben was asked to take control of a brand new team entering the department, initially on a short term basis. Ben stepped up and operated as a manager on a full time basis for a period of around 20 weeks. He achieved results that we would expect from a permanent member of staff in a management position; this was exceptional.”

Read more on Ben’s time at BSKYB

Highly Commended:  Helen Ullyatt (BSc Psychology, first year)

Helen Ullyatt

Jobshop Student Employee of the Year  

Winner: Castor Merino Perez ( MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, final year) for his work as Student Ambassador in the Careers and Employability Centre.

The Sheffield Hallam University Careers and Employability team said: “Castor is a complete asset to the Careers and Employment service and has undertaken the role of ambassador for the service to a high level; way above the standard that we expected.”

“Being able to have someone like Castor who can be relied upon to give excellent service has meant that we can ensure a professional service can be maintained, even when SHU staff are not in attendance. He will be a great loss to the Careers and Employment Service when he leaves the university this year.”

Castor Merino Perez

Read more on Castors time at the Careers and Employability Centre.

Highly commended:  Vicky Appleton (BA Graphic Design, final year)

Vicky Appleton

On Campus Student Employee of the Year – Above and Beyond

Winner: Akram Abdulqader (BA Business and Financial Management, second year) for his work as Student Ambassador for the Events Team.

Elena Portaluri, who is part of the Events Team at Sheffield Hallam, said “Being able to rely on someone like Akram for extra assistance like this at events is something that goes above and beyond the responsibilities of a Student Ambassador.”

“Not only can I rely on him for extra support, I can rely on him to get the job done correctly. It makes my job a whole lot easier knowing that I have got an ambassador like Akram who I know will turn up to every event; not only to perform his role as a student ambassador as well as he does, but to also support and assist other staff members.”

Akram Abdulqader

Highly commended: Natalie Coaten (BA Business and Enterprise Management, final year)

Natalie Coaten

On Campus Student Employee of the Year – Step Up to Leadership

Winner: Melissa Timmins (BA Public Relations, final year) for her work as Student Assistant – Social Media in Student Learning Services.

Brian Irwin, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “When leading a workshop for 20 of our staff, Melissa did background research into what the good principles of social media were. She designed discussion activities for the group, something she had not done before and delivered a very good presentation in addition to facilitating the activities.”

“The feedback from the workshop has been very positive, with one participant describing it as one of the best workshops she had attended in her years at Sheffield Hallam.”

Read more on Melissa’s time at Sheffield Hallam University.

Melissa Timmins

Student Employee of the YearCommercial Impact

Winner: Liga Apsite (BSc Environmental Management, final year) for her work as Student Assistant at Rotary Engineering UK Limited.

Robert Fennell, Managing Director at Rotary Engineering UK Limited, said: “Liga came to us with excellent credentials and still exceeded our expectations. Her ability to cut through the mass of information and work out exactly what needed to be done was impressive and we would have made little or no progress without her input.”  

“Throughout the project she kept the team up to date on progress and we learned a lot from Liga which will stand us in good stead for achieving the ISO14001 Standard.”

Read more on Liga’s time at Rotary Engineering UK Limited.

Student Employer of the Year Off Campus

Winner: Richard Ford – Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Josh Wright, studying BSc Computing Forensic and Security Technologies, said: “ Without Richard mentoring me throughout university and at the beginning of my career, I feel that I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I am currently getting as the majority of my university work has been based upon my ‘real world’ experiences at Sheffield Wednesday FC.”

“Working at Sheffield Wednesday FC has given me an extremely varied overview of IT as football clubs have a multitude of operational areas. This varied experience will be very useful for future employers and the amount of responsibility that has been given to me will allow me to have a high level of confidence when starting my new job.”

Read more on Richard’s impact off campus.

Richard Ford

Student Employer of the Year On Campus

Winner: The Outreach Team – Belle Fletcher / Rachel White / Rachel Oliver / Jen Williams / Katie Fowles

Student Mark Pattison (BSc Biology) said: “Through working with the Outreach and UK Recruitment Team, especially these five schools and colleges liaison officers, I have developed into a confident, outgoing professional person, learning skills that have helped me throughout the course of my degree studies and shall no doubt help me in my future career.

“These staff act as role models to current students, future graduates and potential students on a daily basis and are a beacon of employability, showcasing the best that higher education has to offer and raising the aspirations of thousands of young adults in the process. Through working for these officers, I and many other ambassadors have learnt a vast amount in a short amount of time; transforming us from shy students to confident adults in the space of just a few months.”

Outreach Team

All our winners will be put forward for the regional phase of the competition. Regional winners are then considered for a national award and national winners will be announced at the NASES conference in July.  We hope to have a National winner from Sheffield Hallam for 2014

Contact us:

If you want to hear more about Student Employment within the University or would like to advertise a role to students, please contact the Student Employment Team on 0114 225 3940 or email: Tweet us @SHUStudentJobs


How Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union Can Help You

Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union is passionate about social enterprise, businesses or projects that have a clear social or environmental purpose at the heart of what they do.

We are very proud that since November 2012 we have provided funding, support and advice to 32 start-up social enterprises. These social entrepreneurs have tackled a wide range of issues for example:

  • Dan Aid ( ) offers advice to young people about the health risks associated with body piercing
  • Soberistas ( ) an online community specifically targets women who are concerned about their alcohol consumption
  • Risky Roads Project which works with young people aged 13 – 19 years in Sheffield to inform them, and raise awareness of, gun and knife crime, the consequences, and the lifelong effects this has on the victims, families and offenders
  • Dynamic Diabetes helps create suitable exercise regimes for  people suffer from diabetes

During the next academic year we will be running the Innovation Award to offer you the funding and support to start your own social enterprise. Not only is it a great way for you to give something back to the local community but you will also gain some invaluable experience that will also help increase your employability, for more information visit or email .

We also understand the importance of gaining transferable skills and specialist knowledge of social enterprise through hands on work experience. We are currently offering funded placements with two fantastic local social enterprises. Both positions will start mid-June and are for current students or those who are graduating this summer. The closing date for applications is 5pm on Wednesday14th May 2014 for more information visit:

In addition we have also supported three applications for Balloon Kenya which brings exceptional young people from around the world to work in Kenya for 6 weeks with budding local entrepreneurs.

Support for Summer Leavers

We’re a little over half way through our two-week programme of support for Summer Leavers.  Running to 11 April we’ve got workshops, drop-ins, and offering on-line advice for students who are nearing the end of their studies. So if you’d like some help with getting a job when you graduate, look for

  • faculty pop-up Adviser stands  and CV checks (in the Careers and Employability Centre, Stoddart, Cantor, Owen level 2 and  Collegiate Learning Centre
  • specific workshops, jobsite help and guided tours of the Careers and Employability Centre (tours available between 11am-3pm)

Check out:

  • the ‘Leaving this summer’  information  on shuspace
  • careers workshops beginning ‘Leaving this summer’ (Please book on Shuspace > Employability > Events)
  • emails from your faculty employment adviser
  • SHUCareers on Twitter and Facebook

This week’s events include:

Jobsite help for jobseeking 08/04/2014 10:00- 12:00 Careers and Employability Centre, next to main entrance, Owen Building

Help! I don’t know what to do!  08/04/2014 15:00- 16:30 Chestnut Court S001, Collegiate Crescent

Jobsite help for jobseeking 09/04/2014 12:00- 14:00 Careers and Employability Centre, next to main entrance, Owen Building

Postgraduate Study and Funding     11/04/2014 12:00- 13:00The Careers and Employability Centre, next to the main entrance of the Owen Building, City Campus.

There’s also faculty careers advice for you:

Faculty careers advice drop-in times

  • ACES: Between 12:30-13:30pm every weekday in the Cantor building from 31March- 11 April
  • D & S at City: Between 12-13:30pm every weekday from Tuesday 1st April- Friday 11th April on level 2, Owen building
  • Biosciences, level 7 Owen building: 
    • Tues 1st April, 11am-1pm
    • Thurs 3rd April, 12-2pm
    • Friday 4th April, 12-2pm
    • Tue 8th April, 11am-1pm
    • Wed 9th April, 12-1pm
    • Thu 10th April, 4-5pm
    • SBS: from 12-13:30 every weekday in Stoddart (except for the 31st March, 12-12:30)
    • Collegiate: varied, please see shuspace > employability tab  > events > careers workshops > Leaving this summer? Employability advice for Collegiate students