RISE: Sheffield’s New Graduate Employment Initiative

Sheffield’s RISE programme is an innovative pioneering new scheme to drive Graduate employment in SMEs.

RISE is a major city-wide initiative to increase graduate employment in small and medium sized enterprises. The vision is to bring together graduates who want to work hard and do great things, with businesses with energy and vision who are already looking for fresh talent. RISE is a collaboration between city partners, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Hallam University, The University of Sheffield and the private sector.

The RISE internship scheme will bring together graduates, who want to work hard and do great things, with 30 Sheffield-based businesses who appreciate an injection of energy and new ideas. The internships will start from the 22nd July 2013 onwards and will last a minimum of six months, although the exact length, start and end dates will be set by the business. The exact salary for each internship may vary according to the role and business, but the average for an internship in Sheffield is £14,500 per annum.

RISE is offering 30 SMEs who have little or no experience of recruiting graduates the opportunity of a range of support to take on a graduate for a six-month internship.

Sophie Jewitt, 23, from Sheffield says, “This position has helped hugely! I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. I’ve had so many experiences and have been involved in a lot of different things which are beneficial to my future that I don’t believe I would have had working in a larger company!”

You can see more of her story and other students who have been involved in the RISE initiative here.

To find out more about the RISE scheme visit the website.

International Students who want good jobs choose Alliance Universities

A research report from the University Alliance shows that universities like Sheffield Hallam, part of the University Alliance group, are the destination of choice for international students whose priority is getting a good job.

Alliance universities are 24 of the UK’s most innovative and enterprising universities, and their report has found that 87% of international students studying at Alliance are studying because they want to get a good job. This is compared to an average of 83% at UK Universities overall, and in higher education globally.

The report, ‘Growing Global Graduates’ brings together 24 best-practice examples, including a case study about Sheffield Hallam University’s Venture Matrix programme, which demonstrate why Alliance Universities are so effective at equipping students for long-term employability and why students are choosing to study at them.

Libby Hackett, Chief Executive of University Alliance, said:

“Graduate careers are under the spotlight like never before. Students want to ensure their degree and time at university will help set them up for a rewarding and fulfilling career in a rapidly changing world. Students recognise the value of higher education in improving their employability and the data suggest that Alliance universities attract students particularly focused on their future careers.”