Spotlight on Careers in Landscape #ChooseLandscape

The Landscape Institute have launched a new campaign to attract more people into landscape careers. Here are some interesting things I learnt from the campaign:

  1. ‘Landscape’ = outdoor space (urban and rural, green space and landscaping around buildings)
  2.  ‘Landscape careers’ = being involved in the design, management, planning or science of the landscape (see Choose Landscape)
  3. Types of organisations Landscape Institute members currently work for: 44% private practice, 27% consultancy, 14% local authority, 6% engineering company, 4% third sector
  4. Sheffield Hallam University are one of the only universities in the UK to offer an Environmental Science undergraduate degree which is accredited by the Landscape Institute (see list of courses)

These are the current issues within the landscape profession (according to Landscape Institute’s ‘The Future State of Landscape’ report):

  • a shortage of new entrants and limited routes into the profession (most common route: undergraduate or masters degree in landscape architecture – see list of courses)
  • employers finding it difficult to attract, recruit and retain the ‘right’ people
  • the need to create a more inclusive profession with more people from ethnic minority backgrounds, greater age diversity and better career progression for females
  • the need for digital skills including virtual reality (VR) Augumented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and use of spatial data and digital collaboration (BIM – Business Information Modelling) for the future

To help address the current issues, The landscape Institute have launched the #ChooseLandscape campaign are working to provide a wider range of ways to gain qualifications in the future.

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