“I now feel much more confident applying for a job.”

My name is Lauren Banner and I am currently in my final of studying a degree in LLB Law and two weeks ago attended Trowers and Hamlins Aspiring Solicitors open day.

The Open Day at Trowers and Hamlins, organised by Aspiring Solicitors, was an insightful day at a leading international, commercial law firm in London. On the day, I did not only gain a deeper understanding of the firm and its unique culture, but I was able to develop my skills that are crucial for becoming a commercial lawyer.

Lauren Banner was able to gain lots of confidence after her visit to an open day at a Law firm.

Lauren Banner was able to gain lots of confidence after her visit to an open day at a Law firm.

The day began with a fun introduction, with a description of why Aspiring Solicitors and diversity are important to them: this was hugely comforting to hear that other people experience the same worries as do I in relation to being offered a training contract at a top commercial law firm.

We then had a talk with four fourth seat trainees on ‘Life as a trainee at T&H’ and they had only positive comments to say about the firm and its distinctive culture. We were then joined by the Senior Partner and had the opportunity to ask her and the graduate recruitment team any questions we had about the firm and the application.

We participated in a commercial group task called ‘The Apprentices’ Den’, where we worked in groups to create our own Superfood product and then present this to a panel of associates and the head of graduate recruitment.

This allowed me to develop my commercial understanding whilst working in a team and it was also extremely fun! Once we had presented, the head of graduate recruitment gave detailed individual constructive feedback, which was extremely helpful to help develop my skills in the future.

We finished the day with a talk from trainees on ‘A Seat in the Middle East’ and a tour around the offices, again having the opportunity to ask questions to various trainees.

Throughout the whole day, I felt as if I was part of the firm and everyone was approachable. Most importantly, it has helped increase my confidence to persevere and attain a training contract at this type of law firm.