#NWED2016 – National Women in Engineering Day





Post by Level 4 Sport Technology Student student, Arona Morrison.

I chose my course, BSc Sport Technology because it combined all the subjects from school that I love and excel at, some more than others. I excelled at both design and P.E. at A-level and combined they lead me to the sports line of engineering, however my passion for science and maths was what truly pushed me to become an engineering.


I say passion because I had to work hard at both as I often struggled in maths. I have always had a need to want to know how things work and operate and this course allows me to figure this out from looking at the materials equipment is made from to the forces acting upon each separate piece. My course specifically also looks at human anatomy and how equipment interacts with the human body, which I really enjoy.

I hope by completing this course that in the future I will be able to get a job designing equipment specific to climbing as this another of my passions and being able to combine the two would be a dream job.