Natalia M Wesniuk 1Post by Level 5 Digital Media Production student, Natalia M Wesniuk.

One of my most recent assignments at Sheffield Hallam University was for the module called Managing Creative Processes. All the students from my course were delegated to manage and organize The Creative Media Networking Event at Sheffield Hallam University, called Pathways 2016.

Natalia M Wesniuk 2My responsibility was: Project Management of a Marketing Team and VIP Management on the day of the event. Apart from designing the marketing campaign and managing a group of 4 in order to appropriately deliver the social media campaign, I was also responsible to meet and greet our guests and speakers on the day. I also needed to make sure they were at their workshop on time and help them with anything they needed to set up their presentations.

It was a very hard working month before the event and even more hectic on the day but hell yeah it was so exciting! As a student behind the scenes of the event I really enjoyed the buzz around managing a creative process like this. I met a lot of important people from film, TV, radio and photography and this has motivated me in setting up my future goals and to figure out what I actually want to do when I finish University. It has been a great learning experience, as much as it has been fun to be part of a live project for a change. Being in charge of things and people is not for everyone but, when you do get a chance to try it and you do it right, the gratification is astonishing and gives a great injection of self-belief.
SHU gives us access to some brilliant projects and I am so grateful to be a part of this University. I intend to make the most out of each opportunity it gives me, as quite frankly you only get one shot in life so make it count I say!

Natalia M Wesniuk 3Being able to speak in person to the media industry guests has given me the inspiration to keep going and push myself that one more step to stay ahead; and be able to get a dream job at the end of my university degree.

Especially after listening to Fiona Hanlon from BBC Radio 1 and Marie Clare from BBC Radio 5 Live, both SHU alumni and once were just like me – a student and didn’t really know what to do with themselves, but worked hard and things just happened.

I think what students underestimate the most is the power of doing those extra curricular efforts like attending speeches from experienced people and seeking advice. Everyone loves being an expert in something but every expert was a student one day and they are all there to help you. All you need to do is be passionate about your interests, seek answers and dig deeper. Sooner or later you will become anyone you want. I got the impression that every workshop at SHU Pathways 2016 was trying to tell us this simple truth.