Take a break!

This next post is not really about employability, it’s about taking a break! Written by a student who attended a recent performance by Events Management with Tourism students, it shows an example of some of the exciting events that students are involved in around the university.

Fighting in the showers, contraband cocktails and scratchy prison uniforms. EVENTistas, a group of girls studying Event Management with Tourism, produced a frighteningly immersive production of The Shawshank Redemption.

When we had turned up at the ‘secret location’, as per the instructions in our email from Mr S. Norton and were greeted by two prison guards wearing suits and – through the doors, prisoners with grey shirts with vests underneath. But after a swift sentencing by a very foul-mouthed judge, we were fully immersed into the film with actors performing scenes around and within the audience.


The idea behind EVENTistas, is similar to that of Secret Cinema in London: an event that is supposedly all about the film. But in our new, mysterious location, it was easy to forget what we were there for. Issued with regulation uniforms, led through to the bar to get our last ever cockails before being allocated to our cells (seats), we had been transformed into prisoners.

Most film-literate attendees would surely have guessed by now that we were there to see The Shawshank Redemption.  However,  as audience members we became participants, immersed in both the theatre of the evening and the film itself. Our own recent arrival at the prison was replicated onscreen at the film’s opening, and just at the moment when its characters enjoy the sound of music, we were treated to the same and had a little time to reflect on the real reason on why we were there;  to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  These details of the charity had a powerful cumulative effect as they were entertwined with ‘experiencing’ the film, something you wouldn’t normally have at a charity event.

Now, you may wonder what this post has to do with University, but I felt the need to promote this event (even though it has passed). I want to actively encourage other students to participate in the events happening in Sheffield, and most importantly, put on by your fellow peers.  Take a break – you do honestly deserve it and you could be quite surprised at what level of production the SHU Event Management students can produce, just as I was with this production of Shawshank.