A Balancing Act

Alice is a second year Business and Marketing student:

I once tried the art of juggling (and believe me it is an art). I was around eight and my hand eye co-ordination has always been dire, so inevitably I wasn’t a born juggler. The art of juggling can be defined as “to continuously toss into the air an object and catch so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others”,but if you ask me juggling can be defined on many different levels.


It wasn’t until my second year I fully appreciated the endless tools provided by the university to encourage my juggling skills. So now at the half way point of my second year at Sheffield Hallam and applying for placements, my Personal Development module has been an absolute godsend to say the least! Free advice and practice from professionals who have “been there and done that”, ranging from assessment centres to the basics of writing a covering letter – simple as it sounds it’s the little things that make the world of difference in the application process. I have recently qualified for the Common Purpose Leadership course funded by the university. This is a qualification recognised by employers nationwide, which gives me the opportunity to test and extend my leadership skills, giving me an added extra to talk about in interviews.

But it wasn’t until one Wednesday night when I sat down with a spare second to check off my to do list (sad I know) that I realised I’d completed all my tasks and ahead of time too. There I was with the help of the tools and guidance provided by my tutors, in the midst of second year deadlines and endless placement search, I found myself an expert at juggling.

So what juggling means to me or the next person may not specifically mean the same thing but just have faith, you don’t need to be a born juggler to be able to juggle.