The Sweetcorn Theory… and becoming more employable

Student Danielle Pearson (BA English Language) explains the connection!

Danielle Pearson

So, I often think to myself as a student, “Danielle, what do you want to get out of university?” and I always find the same answer occurs to me “to get a good job.”  This is probably the same answer that billions of students across the globe use in order to provide a justification for the study of their degree. A qualification at such a high level is an extraordinarily impressive achievement that many employers find admirable and so it has become renowned that graduates have the possibility of ending up with an incredible (and highly paid) job.

The average student however, believes that this degree is a golden ticket into a job; this may not be the case. If you end up with just a degree after university, then you’ve ended up just like sweetcorn (all will be explained.)

Now, there will be students at the university who put in 100% academic effort; these are the ones  who are fully committed to the course and try extra hard each class, usually scoring high grades in their assessments. However, outside of their studies they fail to make the connections that university can provide them with, missing out on worlds of opportunity to become actively involved. Sheffield Hallam has endless extra-curricular opportunities ranging from volunteering and skill developing to enrolment in different societies and clubs.

Each of these programmes and events are put on especially for students, many are even run by students and are specifically introduced to change you in some way or another for you to get the most out of your university experience. Endless transferable skills can be gained in terms of social and cultural awareness, communication, and career development etc – these apply to most of today’s jobs.

Sheffield Hallam takes pride in helping students achieve so much more than just a degree.  Improving a person’s skills ensures the person that comes out of university is 10x the person that went in. A real life working example can be used as an anecdote in an interview – “I once choreographed part of a flash mob” – “I participated in an Indonesian Fashion Event” – “I helped to deliver outstanding customer service.” These examples are essential to employers; this is what a business looks for in an employee, a live example of the skill base that they require.

So I hope you’re now sat back thinking: “Yeah, actually, I could get involved with at least one extra-curricular activity” because I’m convinced that ‘at least one’ is all you need to become addicted to the skill-learning cycle and soon you’ll be more equipped than you’d ever imagined.


Don’t pass through University like sweetcorn passes through the body – Let it change you.