Torn in between: Fashion / Economics?

Stephanie Masuwa

My name is Stephanie, and I am a first year student studying BA Business Economics.

Coming to study at university was not my immediate choice as really I wanted to experience different routes and explore all my options first, because at that time I was undecided on what I wanted to study at university. So, I took a two year long gap after sixth form, during which I travelled and took part in volunteer work in Africa for three weeks and I also started working on my fashion blog.

My interest in fashion began sometime after sixth form when I got myself a Nikon camera. I absolutely loved taking pictures of my daily outfits and I also started blogging about beauty products and makeup tutorials. In the beginning it surely felt like just a small project in my own little world but as the audience grew, more and more people started viewing my blog. With the help of social media many encouraged me and loved my work. I even managed to get two interviews for a modelling agency – but I turned them down because modelling is not really what I wanted to do. For me, my blog is a platform on which I can express my creative side. Anyway, after two years of blogging and working in the health industry, I still didn’t feel entirely happy because I wanted to study economics and each time I watched the news about the economy and related issues it made me so intrigued. Many encouraged me to study fashion at university seeing as it was my hobby, but really I didn’t want to have a career in fashion as my career aspirations were more towards the economics side of life.

Therefore, I decided to attend an open day at Sheffield Hallam University and I chose Hallam mainly because of the fact that it offers placement years for most courses and I also loved the fact that the university is centrally located in the heart of the town. After attending the Business Economics talk I was definitely sure that’s what I wanted to study, because I got a greater insight into the modules involved and the course structure in general.

The other most important thing that attracted me to Hallam is the Employability Centre and the services provided. It’s tough to get graduate jobs these days especially without much experience, therefore I thought working on my employability skills alongside my academic studies would make me more employable especially with the assistance given at the Employability Centre. Even though I am in my first year I am keen on getting involved as much as I can.  I am currently a course rep and so far my experience is going well. I am getting much support from staff alongside fellow course reps. I am also a member of the International Business and Business Economics society and that has enabled me to meet people from different levels and also I get an opportunity to ask them about their experiences during their first year.

I am a goal getter and somehow I have a picture of where I want to be even though it’s not yet clear but I believe my three years at SHU will be worthwhile!

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