A student’s views on the new Heart of the Campus

Laura is a final year Psychology student. Here she talks about the new Heart of the Campus Building, where she has been working as a student ambassador.

In September 2014 the new Heart of the Campus at Collegiate opened replacing the old HOTC building and Marshall Hall.  This development at Collegiate is home to Development and Society (Law, Psychology and Social Sciences).

Collegiate is built on a conservation site and this was considered by the architect when designing the new building and as a result the building has been designed to be sympathetic to the surrounding environment. Many of you may have noticed the stag on Broomgrove entrance; this has been designed by the artist Chris Tipping to represent the heritage site through using modern mediums.


In addition the building contains many sustainable features, including a travel plan which has resulted in there being 35 spaces for bikes situated across both entrances. So if anyone fancies cycling or even running in, there are showers in the HOTC for students to use, so you wouldn’t be sat all sweaty in your lectures!!

The Heart of the Campus contains many new and updated learning facilities, these include:

  • New teaching rooms – some room have the new skate chairs to allow for innovative teaching
  • Social learning spaces for students in the second atrium
  • 220 capacity lecture theatre
  • Base for the student union (which Collegiate has never had before!)
  • Improved area for Student Services
  • New catering facility called ‘The Granary’ sourcing local produce –   which sells amazing fresh cakes!
  •  Moot Court and Law Centre
  • Bookable research rooms
  • Faculty resources helpdesk – where you can borrow equipment and look at pass dissertations!
  • Psychology Labs (only psychology students have access with their SHUcard after booking out the specific room), with 2 group analysis rooms, Video Suite, EEG lab and analysis room, Psychophysics Lab, Eye-tracking room with a one way mirror, and Kitchen and Food Lab

A few things have changed now!

  • The academic staff have moved from Southbourne to the 2nd floor of the Heart of The Campus, however students do not have access to this floor! Now you can go to the D+S Faculty helpdesk (behind the overhang area at the top of main stairs) and they will find out if or when your tutor is free.
  • There are no cash machines on site and at the eating outlets onsite you cannot pay by card because the university is going cashless! So it’d be best to top up your SHUcard … which you can do online.

When I arrived at SHU, I didn’t realise that the old HOTC was being knocked down so during my first two years at Collegiate I did not have a building that my course was specifically based in. Now that the HOTC has been completed it is already starting to have a positive impact on my university experience; so it has defiantly been worth the wait! I love the fact there are lots of social spaces to sit and relax, new teaching rooms and a much improved space for student services! Plus the new state of the art psychology labs are amazing. Another bonus of the new building is we no longer have to walk all the way up to Southbourne to hand in assignments!

If you haven’t already seen the new building I’d definitely recommend going to have a look around!!