Real World Workshop – tackling CVs and applications

Sarah Gledhill, Final Year Events Management with Tourism student, on the challenges of CV writing!

Approximately one month or so ago, we (all students on Events Courses, Level 6) received an email from the Event Management Hub, inviting us to a “Real World Workshop focusing on CV & Applications”.  I confirmed my attendance because I was eager to gain tips and knowledge from others about how it is really quite vital to show the best of yourself in a professional, yet creative way.

We’re paying X amount for the fees, so why not sign up to anything that is remotely beneficial to you whilst you’re here?  That’s how I see it.

After being on a placement year, I’d felt I had stuffed about a gazillion and one name badges and delegate packs so it was really nice to be greeted with one.

The evening was held on the 12th floor in the Owen building; I had never been up there before so that was pretty exciting.  There were 24 other like-minded students who attended and we were welcomed into a professional atmosphere. The evening consisted of presentations, speeches from people in the industry, as well as useful hints and tips.

Overall, I grasped that there is no right or wrong way to write a CV or a cover letter, but it was so useful to find out about other people’s views and their experiences.  We were joined by some people in the Alumni group, who are people that have graduated from University and are out working in the big wide world.  It was so interesting to hear their views too, as they are sifting through people’s CVs every day – for example, have you ever heard of a skills based CV?  I hadn’t…

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Here is a bit of a ‘To Do’ list for me to look into after the workshop:

  • Link my CV to my LinkedIn profile
  • Get my CV down to two pages, rather than the three that it is currently
  • Make a base CV and then have five or six other versions ready to mix and match to fit job descriptions


For Event Students, this workshop is being repeated again in mid-November for anyone that is interested and another workshop focusing on Interviews is planned for February.

Editor’s note: don’t forget, there is support for all students in CV writing and making applications both through central workshops and one to one appointments available both in faculty and in the Careers and Employment Centre.  Make sure you take up the support available, and use the resources on line too (Careers Central via the Employability Tab in SHUspace)!