Postgraduate Students Career Bite Size Success!

by Lucy Marris, Employment Adviser, Sheffield Business School

L-R Lucy Marris (Employment Adviser); Rohan Pethkar; Professor Isobel Doole (Deputy Dean of SBS and Head of Postgraduate); Zhuoling (Jolene) Wang and Geshani Subasinghe

Career Bite Size was a series of five optional workshops offered specifically for Postgraduate students within Sheffield Business School for the first time this year.

Devised by Employment Adviser Lucy Marris, the sessions took place on alternate Tuesday evenings from 28 January 2014 to 25th March 2014.  Each 1 ½ hour interactive session was a free-standing introductory workshop on a topic designed to help support students in proactively achieving their career goals for the future.  They were delivered by the Employment Advisers within SBS who specialise in providing support to  PG students.   Interested students could either dip in and out of the series opting to attend only those sessions of most relevance and interest, or could register and attend all five sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

The lively sessions were extremely well supported by students, with 74 different individual postgraduates attending at least one of the five sessions, and six dedicated students attending all five of the workshops and so receiving both a  certificate of completion together with an electronic Credly Career Management Skills badge to incorporate into their LinkedIn profiles.

Warmest congratulations to the six postgraduate students within SBS who have been awarded the inaugural Career Bite-Size Credly Award and Certificate.  This acknowledges their engagement in proactive career management through attending a series of five voluntary workshops on the topics of employability; looking for opportunities; creating CVs; performing at Interviews and networking with employers.  The completing students were:

•             Narendra Dangol: MSC Food Consumer Marketing and Prodouct DVT

•             Rohan Pethkar: MSC International Business Management

•             Geshani A subasinghe: MSc Managing Global Business

•             Lukas Tjitrabudi: MSc Managing Global Business

•             Zhuoling (Jolene) Wang: MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (work experience)

•             Yunjie (Jackie) Zhong MSc International Marketing