2014 Student Employee of the Year Awards (SEOTY)

by Victoria Bacon, Student Employment Co-ordinator

As part of the national Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) awards, the Sheffield Hallam prestigious awards evening took place here on 1 May. Our students, staff and external employers met to celebrate the achievements of our students who work whilst studying.

The SEOTY Awards have been run by the National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES) since 2002 and have grown year on year.

This year has been very successful for our students.  We received a massive 96 nominations and Sheffield Hallam was the top university in the North East and second nationally.

The awards went to:

Off Campus Student Employee of the Year – Above and Beyond

Winner: Jessica Dodds (BA English, final year student) for her work as Marketing Assistant at Keep York Fork, a marketing and training consultancy.

Faye Smith, Director of Keep Your Fork, said: “Jessica has been trusted to work directly with my clients where she is calm, professional and organised.With Jessica’s support we have been able to take on a greater number of retainer clients, generating great increase in business turnover.  I do not think my business would be running today, if it was not for the support, tenacity, courage and professionalism of this young woman.”

Read more on Jessica’s time at Keep Your Fork.

Jessica Dodds

Highly Commended: Charlotte Richardson (BSc Geography, final year)

Off Campus Student Employee of the Year – Step Up to Leadership

Winner:  Ben Plimey (BA Business Economics, final year) for his work as a Customer Experience Advisor for BSKYB.

Shelley Bayne, Customer Experience Manager at BSKYB, said: “Ben was asked to take control of a brand new team entering the department, initially on a short term basis. Ben stepped up and operated as a manager on a full time basis for a period of around 20 weeks. He achieved results that we would expect from a permanent member of staff in a management position; this was exceptional.”

Read more on Ben’s time at BSKYB

Highly Commended:  Helen Ullyatt (BSc Psychology, first year)

Helen Ullyatt

Jobshop Student Employee of the Year  

Winner: Castor Merino Perez ( MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, final year) for his work as Student Ambassador in the Careers and Employability Centre.

The Sheffield Hallam University Careers and Employability team said: “Castor is a complete asset to the Careers and Employment service and has undertaken the role of ambassador for the service to a high level; way above the standard that we expected.”

“Being able to have someone like Castor who can be relied upon to give excellent service has meant that we can ensure a professional service can be maintained, even when SHU staff are not in attendance. He will be a great loss to the Careers and Employment Service when he leaves the university this year.”

Castor Merino Perez

Read more on Castors time at the Careers and Employability Centre.

Highly commended:  Vicky Appleton (BA Graphic Design, final year)

Vicky Appleton

On Campus Student Employee of the Year – Above and Beyond

Winner: Akram Abdulqader (BA Business and Financial Management, second year) for his work as Student Ambassador for the Events Team.

Elena Portaluri, who is part of the Events Team at Sheffield Hallam, said “Being able to rely on someone like Akram for extra assistance like this at events is something that goes above and beyond the responsibilities of a Student Ambassador.”

“Not only can I rely on him for extra support, I can rely on him to get the job done correctly. It makes my job a whole lot easier knowing that I have got an ambassador like Akram who I know will turn up to every event; not only to perform his role as a student ambassador as well as he does, but to also support and assist other staff members.”

Akram Abdulqader

Highly commended: Natalie Coaten (BA Business and Enterprise Management, final year)

Natalie Coaten

On Campus Student Employee of the Year – Step Up to Leadership

Winner: Melissa Timmins (BA Public Relations, final year) for her work as Student Assistant – Social Media in Student Learning Services.

Brian Irwin, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “When leading a workshop for 20 of our staff, Melissa did background research into what the good principles of social media were. She designed discussion activities for the group, something she had not done before and delivered a very good presentation in addition to facilitating the activities.”

“The feedback from the workshop has been very positive, with one participant describing it as one of the best workshops she had attended in her years at Sheffield Hallam.”

Read more on Melissa’s time at Sheffield Hallam University.

Melissa Timmins

Student Employee of the YearCommercial Impact

Winner: Liga Apsite (BSc Environmental Management, final year) for her work as Student Assistant at Rotary Engineering UK Limited.

Robert Fennell, Managing Director at Rotary Engineering UK Limited, said: “Liga came to us with excellent credentials and still exceeded our expectations. Her ability to cut through the mass of information and work out exactly what needed to be done was impressive and we would have made little or no progress without her input.”  

“Throughout the project she kept the team up to date on progress and we learned a lot from Liga which will stand us in good stead for achieving the ISO14001 Standard.”

Read more on Liga’s time at Rotary Engineering UK Limited.

Student Employer of the Year Off Campus

Winner: Richard Ford – Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Josh Wright, studying BSc Computing Forensic and Security Technologies, said: “ Without Richard mentoring me throughout university and at the beginning of my career, I feel that I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I am currently getting as the majority of my university work has been based upon my ‘real world’ experiences at Sheffield Wednesday FC.”

“Working at Sheffield Wednesday FC has given me an extremely varied overview of IT as football clubs have a multitude of operational areas. This varied experience will be very useful for future employers and the amount of responsibility that has been given to me will allow me to have a high level of confidence when starting my new job.”

Read more on Richard’s impact off campus.

Richard Ford

Student Employer of the Year On Campus

Winner: The Outreach Team – Belle Fletcher / Rachel White / Rachel Oliver / Jen Williams / Katie Fowles

Student Mark Pattison (BSc Biology) said: “Through working with the Outreach and UK Recruitment Team, especially these five schools and colleges liaison officers, I have developed into a confident, outgoing professional person, learning skills that have helped me throughout the course of my degree studies and shall no doubt help me in my future career.

“These staff act as role models to current students, future graduates and potential students on a daily basis and are a beacon of employability, showcasing the best that higher education has to offer and raising the aspirations of thousands of young adults in the process. Through working for these officers, I and many other ambassadors have learnt a vast amount in a short amount of time; transforming us from shy students to confident adults in the space of just a few months.”

Outreach Team

All our winners will be put forward for the regional phase of the competition. Regional winners are then considered for a national award and national winners will be announced at the NASES conference in July.  We hope to have a National winner from Sheffield Hallam for 2014

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