Jess- The Story of a Graduate Intern

My role as Communications and Information Officer in the Technology Enhanced Learning Team within Quality Enhancement, Student and Learning Services (SLS) over the past ten months has allowed me to be involved in a range of great projects which have helped me to understand and demonstrate my skills and attributes. I am leaving today to start a new and permanent role in Sheffield Business School as a Business and Research Assistant Administrator so I would like to share with you some of the work I have been involved in relating to Employability.

My work has meant that I have been heavily involved in Employability as I worked closely with Paul Helm and Michelle Boughton. I have had responsibility for regularly updating The Employability blog and I have written and edited posts as well as promoting them on Twitter.

I have created a web presence for myself through Twitter (@jessicag_shu) which has allowed me to promote the work I have done, provide information to student and graduate followers and I have even been retweeted by NASES UK on National Student Employment week 2013 and quoted in their storify and by the HEA in relation to events about the Global Graduate Seminar held at Sheffield Hallam earlier in the year. I am especially proud of this; I have increased my network of contacts and gained work helping others to use social media within their teams.

I have also been involved in the creation of a timeline which maps out a student’s employability over the course of their Undergraduate degree. This has led me to use programmes I had no experience of including Visio and Project. I also had the opportunity to work with colleagues in the Careers Service to produce some of the content and a student on the design aspects who came to the project through Venture matrix. I was also required to present this work and update senior management regularly so they could see the progress I was making with this project.

My Employability was something I did not think about until my final year of University and after doing a number of things, such as joining societies and sports teams to enhance this I feel that this internship has been invaluable in enhancing my own employability as a recent graduate and this is something that really puts me in a great position and is a good grounding for my future career. The skills I have gained will no doubt help me in my new role in Sheffield Business School and will be transferable but also the challenges I have overcome give me confidence that I will be able to do the same elsewhere.

Unfortunately I am unable to demonstrate all the work I have done and all the skills I have acquired as there are many but I have really gained so much from my time here and have had a large number of people who have supported me in my role and encouraged me in the work I have done so to those colleagues I would like to say thank you.

If you would like to read more about the other projects I have been involved in you can find details in SLS News.