About Sheffield Hallam University

As of 2014/15, Sheffield Hallam is the 6th largest university in the UK, with 31,508 students (24,643 undergraduates and 6,865 postgraduates), 4,530 staff (including 2,161 academic staff), and a turnover of £257.7 million.

Our courses

We run approximately 708 different courses, and more than half of all courses offer integrated practice or work placement opportunities.


Sheffield Hallam is made up of two campuses within easy walking distance of one another, which linked by a range of privately-owned student accommodation. The University’s physical environment includes Grade II listed buildings as well as brand new facilities.

Over the past ten years we’ve invested around £110 million in our estate with the aim of creating spaces that are innovative, flexible, safe and sustainable. We are one of the best performers in the sector in terms of sustainability.

Our Services

There are many services and facilities at Sheffield Hallam University. Make sure you know who can help you and make use of the services available.

Student Help

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We offer a wide range of high-quality support and guidance, including

  • international student support and immigration advice
  • help with career planning
  • study support
  • wellbeing and support
  • faith and religious support
  • services for students with disabilities
  • a nursery and childcare services
  • the advice and information service can help you find the right people to assist you

Find out more by emailing guidance@shu.ac.uk or visit www.shu.ac.uk/services/sls

Students with disabilities

If you need help with a disability or medical condition, please email disabilitysupport@shu.ac.uk as soon as possible. You may be asked to pay for some or all disability support.


Our libraries and IT facilities

Each of our campuses has its own library. These are known as Adsetts Learning Centre at City Campus and Collegiate Learning Centre at Collegiate Campus. They offer traditional library services and more, including books, journals, DVDs, e-resources, individual and group study spaces, PCs, free Wi-Fi, printers and photocopiers. Libraries and self-service facilities are open 24 hours per day throughout year and you can buy food and drink at any time of day or night.

There is free Wi-Fi across most of the University and access to over 4,000 student PCs, many of which you can book in advance. Each library has a helpdesk near its entrance where you can get information about the facilities on offer and help with your borrowing, information and IT needs. When you are working from home, you can access our range of services through shuspace, the University’s personalised online environment. The Library Gateway pages on shuspace give access to Library Search, information databases and electronic resources, including e-books, e-journals, video and image resources. shuspace is your route to all essential information, such as timetables, online learning modules, your University email account, student record and support services. Visit www.shu.ac.uk/services/sls/learning

Phone and internet

Some of the rooms in the University’s accommodation have phone and computer internet links. Landline rental can be more expensive than a mobile/cell phone and you can often get cheap deals with mobile phone companies. There are many public phones, both within the University and throughout the city. An international phone card will reduce the cost of calls from private lines. We can advise you about these on arrival.

English language

If English is not your first language, it is essential to develop your confidence to speak and understand English quickly. You can also improve your English while studying. The University English Scheme offers free English language classes to enhance and improve your English for academic study. You can also take the 20 credit module English for academic purposes. The Language Advisory Service can assist you with questions about your coursework. To find out more about English language support visit www.shu.ac.uk/tesol/language

British life and culture course

This course gives you an introduction to a variety of aspects of British life and culture through weekly lectures delivered by invited speakers. You meet other international students with whom you can discuss your experiences of life in Britain. This is a 20 credit module at level 4 (10 European credits). You will be given more information about this module at international orientation when you arrive.

Public holidays

The University generally closes at Easter and for at least one week at Christmas and New Year. The University also closes during several bank holidays, normally the first and last Mondays in May and the last Monday in August. See our Key Dates page for further information.

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