For students enrolled prior to the May 2021 intake, Personal Development Planning (PDP) was linked to completion of reports within the Vitae RDF Planner account.  Training on using the planner system was offered to all students by the Doctoral School.  A change has now been made to the PDP arrangements, and we are no longer issuing RDF Planner accounts – although PDP will continue to be based on use of the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF).  Therefore, we will not be offering any further formal training sessions on the RDF Planner system.  However, any students holding RDF Planner accounts are still able to contact Dr Elizabeth Scanlon, via the Doctoral School (, to request assistance if they are encountering problems with this system.

The resources from previous RDF Planner sessions can be found below.

Professional Development Planning using the RDF 19-20 Slides

Introduction to the RDF planner 19_20 Slides

Students beginning their studies from May 2021 have been offered training and guidance on the new process, and further PDP sessions will be offered to all new entrants as part of the rolling induction process.