A series of intensive training blocks where all the University’s doctoral researchers come together for a full or half-day, to receive timely training on topics relevant to the different stages of their doctoral programme and career development.

Year 1 (FT students)  Years 1-2 (PT students)

Becoming A SHU Doctoral Researcher (all new PhD/Prof Doc researchers are expected to attend) – 1 day

This University-wide doctoral induction session will introduce new starters to the life of a SHU doctoral researcher and provide orientation on a number of key elements relating to doctoral study. It is the perfect opportunity to meet with staff involved in supporting your studies and to get to know doctoral researchers from across the university. The event includes a full introduction to research ethics, integrity and research data management – mandatory elements of your doctoral research studies.

  • What is research, what is a doctorate and what support is available for SHU doctoral researchers?
  • The doctoral researcher lifecycle, key milestones, progression processes and Research Forms
  • Library research support (finding sources, research data management, sharing work)
  • The Doctoral School community, societies and support networks
  • Doctoral skills training
  • Getting the most out of doctoral supervision
  • Research ethics and integrity

2018/19 Date(s): October 2018, February 2019, May 2019

Previous event slides: Becoming a SHU Doctoral Researcher 18 October 2017 and Becoming a SHU Doctoral Researcher June 2018

Dealing with data – 1 day

We all have to deal with data in our doctoral studies in a variety of shapes and forms.  This session is designed to offer support prior to the submission of the RF2 (or Prof Doc equivalent) stage of the doctoral lifecycle.  It will focus on the preparation of your Data Management Plan and talk you through the open access of data agenda, with a focus on SHURDA.  The session will also include a discussion of good practice when working with different types and sources of data.  The aim is to prepare you for the storage, analysis and presentation of data with an opportunity to draw on a range of transferable experiences from researchers working with data across fields and disciplines.  Our indicative focus will encompass secondary data; qualitative and quantitative data; online data; visual data.  The session will end with a ‘data think tank’ where you will have the opportunity to share common issues or challenges and draw on the expertise of our invited researcher speakers.

  • What is data?
  • Data management planning (practical session with a focus on RF2 requirements)
    • data management plan (DMP) requirements and good practice
    • researcher experience of writing a data management plan
    • writing your own data management plan (DMP)
  • Research study design: researcher experiences
  • Data presentation: researcher experiences

2018/19 Date(s): March 2019

Previous event slides: Doctoral Data Think Tank 7 December 2017 , Research Study Design slides 4 December 2017
Notes: Research Study Design notes 4 December 2017

Year 2 (FT students) Years 3-4 (PT students)

Communicating your doctoral research – 1 day

The doctoral examination requires you to be able to communicate effectively in both the written thesis and the oral viva.  There is also an increasing expectation that you will communicate your doctoral research throughout your doctoral studies – at the point of RF2 (or equivalent) assessment as well as at internal and external events.  This session is intended to support you in the communication of your doctoral research to multiple audiences as part of your researcher profile-building skills.  It will provide you with an insight into the importance of the open access and research impact agendas as well as highlighting techniques to help you to feel more confident in communicating your research, on paper and in person.

  • What you need to know about Open Access and the Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive (SHURA) as a doctoral researcher
  • What do we mean by research impact and why does it matter to doctoral researchers?
  • Measuring your own research impact
  • Protecting your time for writing and research
  • Communicating your research
    • Effective research writing
    • Presenting your work with confidence
  • Optional Shut Up and Write session

2018/19 Date(s): 22 November 2018

Resources from 22 November 2018:  All Slides – 22 Nov 18;

A4 template – Who What HowSHU Research Impact webpages

Impact Youtube videos links  Avocados; Lightbulb; Virtual Reality; Prostate cancer.  More videos available via SHU Youtube channel

Preparing to complete the thesis and finish the doctorate – half day

This session is intended to get you thinking about the completion of your thesis and to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the path ahead during the writing up phase of the doctorate. It is intended to provide you with an opportunity to share experiences and concerns with researchers who will reflect on this stage of their own doctorates and offer tips and advice to support you to cross ‘the finishing line’. The intention of the session is to help to manage your expectations and prepare you for the last stage of the doctoral researcher lifecycle.

  • Completion planning and practical reminders (referencing etc)
  • Staying motivated and letting go
  • Managing and responding to feedback on your work
  • How open research directly affects your thesis – open access theses and publishing, and submission of your research data
  • What do I need to do ahead of thesis submission:
    • thesis layout guidelines
    • thesis hand-in process

2018/19 Date(s): April 2019

Previous event slides:  Planning for Finishing the Thesis – April 2018

Year 3 (FT students) Years 5-6 (PT students)

What next? Preparing for life after the Doctorate… – 1 day

This session focuses on your preparation for life after completion of the doctorate.  Do you have a career strategy or plan?  What options are available to you in academia, public, private and voluntary sectors or through self-employment?  How can you best equip yourself to enter the next phase of your life post-doctorate?

We will hear from experienced careers and employability advisers and the event will incorporate a researcher support clinic.

  • What’s it like to have finished the doctorate?
  • What do doctoral graduates do?
  • Career stories, routes and opportunities
  • Preparing for an academic career
  • Preparing for a career outside of academia
  • Growing your networks and strengthening your researcher profile
  • Enhancing self-awareness of your researcher skills and capabilities
  • Revisiting and getting more from your Vitae RDF Planner account

2018/19 Date(s):  10 January 2019

Previous event slides:  2019-01-10 Doctoral Careers Presentation

Insider Guide to the Doctoral Viva – half day

This event is designed to supplement mock viva support that you receive from your supervisors.  It is intended to provide an opportunity for you to liaise with colleagues from a range of SHU disciplinary areas with considerable experience of being involved in doctoral examination.  This will facilitate sharing of knowledge and tips.  An informal, discursive tone is intended so please try to come along and take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the research degree viva and shape your expectations.  Doctoral researchers at all stages of research are welcome!

  • Processes – what happens between thesis hand-in and the viva?
  • How examiners examine a doctoral thesis
  • How to prepare for my doctoral viva
  • What will happen on viva day?
  • What will happen after the viva?
  • Recent experience from doctoral completer

2018/19 Date(s): 6 December 2018; 3 July 2019

Previous event slides:

Insider guide to the viva – July 2019

Insider guide to the viva – December 2018

Insider guide to the viva – July 2018

All Years

  • Doctoral Question Time / twitter chat – discussion events around key themes
  • RDF Planner sessions
  • Shut up and Write! – monthly sessions at City and Collegiate
  • Check the Doctoral School calendar for upcoming events
  • Additional events and resources are also available via SHaRD

Doctoral Competitions

  • Three Minute Thesis – Communication competition May (heats) and June (final)
  • Doctoral Showcase (within the Creating Knowledge Conference) – open to all students post RF2/DB2