All staff and students at Sheffield Hallam University have free access to online research skills training courses provided by epigeum. You need to register via with your email address and apply token 1b54d4f6. Further instructions on how to register can be found on the SHaRD resources page along with a full list of available courses.

Introduction to Research Skills

This programme explains the importance of skills training for researchers and the features and learning tools used throughout the Research Skills programme and contains a diagnostic quiz to highlight the courses relevant to participants’ particular needs.

Research Methods

These courses support doctoral and postdoctoral researchers undertaking independent research. The courses provide guidance on the different research processes involved in arts and humanities, literature review, social sciences and sciences.

Entrepreneurship in the research context

In these courses, students and researchers thinking of commercialising their research are challenged to consider issues such as their goals, the viability of their idea, routes to market, and how to mobilise people and finance.

Transferable Skills

These courses develop a broad range of skills essential for both academic and non-academic careers. Areas covered include intellectual property, career planning, managing projects, working with research supervisors.

Becoming an Ethical Researcher *mandatory for new doctoral researchers

This course explores the ethical challenges faced by researchers during their Master’s degree and/or PhD. It will help you reflect on your ethical approach in a research context through contemporary case studies and multidisciplinary scenarios.

Research Ethics in Practice *courses 2 and 3 are mandatory for new doctoral researchers

This course provides Master’s and PhD students with a practical guide to applying ethical values to research. It will help you reflect on how to work ethically in a variety of challenges circumstances.