As part of Sheffield Hallam University’s participation in the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership, and in conjunction with the Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies, we are delighted to announce a new series of training seminars on a wide variety of topics intended to prepare PhD students and early career researchers to distinguish themselves in their research careers.

The first lecture/workshop will take place on Wednesday 10 October in Eric Mensforth Building 3021 between 1 – 3 pm

Doctoral Training Seminar on ‘Developing a Publication Strategy and Navigating REF’

This session, delivered by Professor Barry Goodchild from the Centre for Regional, Economic and Social Research (CRESR) will:

  1. Explain how the REF works in relation to academic publications, stressing the need for high quality outputs of 3* star or better and the typical characteristics of such papers, as stated in the guidance.
  2. Go through selected publications where Prof Goodchild acted as either the lead or co-author.

Indicate some lessons:
a) about the context of the work, the importance of knowing your journals; not worrying about the comments of referees, but responding in detail to every single point raised by the referee; persevere with ideas, if necessary switching journals, use independent internal reviewers, be careful in your choice of writing partners;
b) about writing style – for example accept that good quality journals require either theory or some methodological excellence; develop a “voice”, based on a clearly defined personal philosophy of research; provide a simple contribution to knowledge; avoid description.

These sessions will be open to all doctoral student in the Social Sciences at SHU (i.e. sociology, politics, psychology, urban studies, education, social policy, criminology, geography, business and organisations).

To register your interest simply send an email to –

For all other enquiries please contact the coordinator of these seminars, Dr Bob Jeffery in the Sociology Subject Group –

Further information can be found in the attached flyer:  PSRL – Advert