Doctoral student, Sarah ‘Smizz’ Smith invites you to the launch of the Double Agency publication and the first public launch of the Critical Arts in Health Network (CAHN) event, which will be at the start of the Design4Health 2018 conference at Sheffield Hallam University.

Double Agency Publication & *Critical* Arts in Health Network (CAHN) Launch
Tuesday 4th September 2018, 10:30 – 12:30, Collegiate Campus (Room: HC032)
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Together, in launching both the publication & the network, we will celebrate and offer a space of creative, playful and critical thinking. This will include critical-dialogues, film showings (Becky Shaw’s ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ & Julie Walter’s emotional film about knowledge of experience), networking, some games and future planning of what pushing the boundaries of critical-dialogues & paradigms that surround Art/design in Healthcare/wellbeing can look like.

The Double Agency publication presents the work of a series of practitioners working at the interface between Art/Design and Health/Wellbeing collected around the idea of Double Agency. The publication has 8 incredibly diverse, vulnerable, urgent and critical essays/artworks from Lacin Askoy, Claire Craig, Debbie Michaels, Jonathan Michaels, Becky Shaw, Sarah Smizz, Julie Walters, and Frances Williams. Printed editions of the publication will be available at the launch and throughout the Design4Health conference. Digital edition of the publication will be available for download after the launch from

Double Agency Postcard

The launch event of the Critical Arts in Health Network (CAHN), will set out the case for criticality in Arts in Health through short provocations by founding members and their associates. CAHN has been created to provide space, time and resource to enable platforms for sustained critical attention to the mechanisms of Arts in Health practice (as opposed to its health outcomes). You can find out more about the network and sign up here:

CAHN leaflet