For general enquiries, contact your local Research Administrator.

For academic matters, in the first instance contact a member of your supervisory team.

Any concerns can be escalated to your local PGR Tutor or Faculty Head of Research Degrees (HORD).

Science, Technology & Arts (STA)
Head of Research Degrees (MERI) Dr Kathy Doherty Gail Hallewell & Rachael Toogood
PG Research Tutors Dr Xu Xu & Dr Francis Clegg Gail Hallewell & Rachael Toogood
Head of Programmes (C3RI) Dr Kathy Doherty Tracey Howson & Amy Lander
PG Research Tutor (Computing and Information Management) tbc Tracey Howson & Amy Lander
PG Research Tutor (Art and Design) Dr Becky Shaw Tracey Howson & Amy Lander
PGR Lead (Media Communications) [interim] Dr Kerry McSeveny Tracey Howson & Amy Lander
Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH)
Head of Research Degrees Prof Lisa Hopkins
PG Research Tutor (CRESR) Dr Will Eadson Claire Jenkins
PG Research Tutor (Humanities & MA History by Research) Prof Niels Petersson Bev Chapman
PG Research Tutor (Education) Dr Gill Adams & Prof Nick Hodge Pam Hibberd
PG Research Tutor (Social Studies) Dr Kate Whitfield Christy Bannister
PG Research Tutor (Natural & Built Environment) Prof Paul Stephenson Claire Jenkins
Law and LLM by Research Dr James Marson Christy Bannister
MA English by Research Dr Ana Maria Sanchez Bev Chapman
Head of Research Degrees Prof Christine le Maitre Rea Smith & Steph Portier
PG Research Tutor (Sport Industry | Sport & Exercise Science | Sports Engineering) Dr Simon Choppin Rea Smith & Steph Portier
PG Research Tutor (Health & Social Care) Dr Margaret Dunham Rea Smith & Steph Portier
PG Research Tutor (Biomedical) Dr Catherine Duckett Rea Smith & Steph Portier
Head of Research Degrees Prof Steve Johnson | Dr Alisha Ali | Dr Richard Tresidder  
PG Research Tutor (PhD) Dr Alisha Ali
supported by Dr Christine Gilligan & Dr Fariba Darabi
Jess Green
PG Research Tutor (DBA) Dr Richard Tresidder
Supported by Dr Richard Breese & Dr Samah Issa
Jess Green