Internal Funding

Creating Knowledge Funding Schemes in response to Covid-19

In light of the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan (CKIP) funding schemes are being repurposed to address the challenges of remote working. They will support the development of research and innovation projects which respond directly to the Covid-19 pandemic at either local, national or international levels.

In combination with the recent launch of the interdisciplinary Research Institutes, the funding available will prioritise projects where research and innovation activity can help with, or learn from, the current crisis.

The primary mechanism of support is a new scheme delivered through the Research Institutes:


The administration of the fund through the Research Institutes will facilitate new interdisciplinary approaches which build on SHU’s R&I strengths. Projects which can capitalise on combining activity across teams. Combining the various funding schemes available will be encouraged, including where this builds on previous collaborative activity and established research clusters. Applications are invited from research teams across the university, with the direct involvement of early career researchers and post graduate research students strongly encouraged.

Details of the full range of CK funding schemes have been adapted to recognise the challenges and opportunities introduced by remote working and are available on the CK Hub. Funding is available across the schemes (listed below) to support and encourage the development of collaborative projects, and innovative approaches are sought as an alternative to face to face interaction and travel. We are particularly interested in proposals based on innovative ways of working that could inform best practice across the Research and Innovation community.

Colleagues are encouraged to consider where activity can be focussed on preliminary work towards longer term projects and funding proposals.  With the university facilities unavailable at the current time, projects could place the initial emphasis on the development of methodologies, design, simulation, modelling, and the establishment of robust networks for follow on collaborations.

The involvement of PGR students in the projects is encouraged, particularly where progress against their main projects is hampered due to the lockdown. A FT PGR may normally undertake up to a maximum of 180 hours of paid activity (including any existing commitments for teaching etc..) in a year. In all cases, applicants are requested to discuss directly with the student’s Director of Studies before finalising the proposal.

CK Funding Schemes 2020-21


These are all open calls and applications can be made and delivered throughout 2020/21. Completed application forms should be returned to ‘!Creating Knowledge’ (

Applicants will be informed of their proposal’s outcome within four weeks.

In all cases, the principal investigator should discuss their plans with the appropriate Research Institute Director or ADRI prior to submission.


The 2018-2019 Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan – Research Investment Prospectus presents an overview of the internal funding opportunities available this year. Most of these are new schemes so please take a look and take note of the various requirements and deadlines.