Internal Funding

The 2018-2019 Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan – Research Investment Prospectus presents an overview of the internal funding opportunities available this year. Most of these are new schemes so please take a look and take note of the various requirements and deadlines.

Application forms for all the schemes can be accessed through the following links

The funding is available for full time and fractional contract staff.

Please discuss your plans not only with your Faculty ADR but also with the research leads in the centres/departments/institutes of your collaborators. Make sure your plans fit with the ongoing resource needs for business as usual and negotiate accordingly – work as a team across teaching, research and administration responsibilities.

We hope this prospectus will stimulate a great deal of interest and work across disciplinary boundaries as we work to becoming the world’s leading applied university.

Further information is available in the Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan and the Transforming Lives strategy hub.

Due to receiving a number of valid questions we’ve set up an FAQs page relating to the Creating Knowledge Prospectus, the Internal Funding available and the application and approval process.